| LEVEL 1 |


You are in charge of your OS, but most of us were never taught how to modify/upgrade it. This level is perfect for those of you who are ready to experience the transformation on your own with our guidance.

| LEVEL 2 |

Skill-Based Do-With
Training Programs

Change has never been so easy, we will do the work with you.This is a comprehensive virtual / in-person hybrid course.You will learn the most functional, effective methodologies and techniques in a no-BS and hands-on training format.

SalesGod™ includes one-on-one coaching with UPGRD® certified coaches.

| LEVEL 3 |

Immersive In-Person

You are elite at what you do, and want us to do the OS upgrade for you. This is a course made for the best, and frankly those of you who want to achieve your goals soon.

This is a mind and body optimization course, as we have partnered with the best elite physical performance training company-Suprahuman.

You will be happy you choose to join this level not only because of the result you will get, but also the top-level humans you will meet at UPGRD® X.

| LEVEL 4 |

Bespoke Custom Training
/ Reprogramming

This level is NOT for the faint-of-heart. We are no longer interested in helping you just be incredible at what you do, and stay elite. We are interested in creating God-Level performers.Everything at this level is customized to who you are and your OS, so you get precisely what you want.