In March 2015, I experienced the greatest plateau in my professional, personal and romantic life. I began seeking out the best trainings there were to optimize me. I sought out some of the true masters in the world of mental optimization & behavioral change. This led me to understand that my life was the direct "projection" of the blueprint stored internally.

In order to change this "projection", I knew I must change the underperforming operating system running my mind.

Read on to discover the tests I ran that lead to many breakthroughs:

My breakthrough inspired me to establish...

Meet the Founder William Lam

Founded in 2017, UPGRD® is a system designed for self and professional improvement, aiming to 'upgrade humanity'. It began as a 30-step system and evolved into a 65-step methodology.

With the expansion of our online presence in 2020 and the launch of UPGRD® OS, our program's reach extended globally, impacting many lives across the USA, Europe, and the Middle East by 2023.



2015 March

In March 2015, I started investing in optimizing me and my mind. During this process of optimization, and as a part of my testing -

I began to create my first "design" of how my life could be, and I immediately took action to change the programs inside my mind to match this new "design".


2015 August

As a part of this new "design", I included the design of "The One" romantically.

I programmed a time stamp on when I would find "The One", and in the most curious of ways, I found her and got engaged in August of the same year.



I became an American board Certified Master Practitioner and then Certified Trainer.

To further test my theory of "internal programs controls external outcome", I designed my ideal client using the formula I developed, and my first client turned out to be an exact match of my design.



UPGRD® was founded and gained local traction, becoming the go-to training program for entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

Majority of our clients were in real estate, and other small businesses.



Collaborating with industry leaders across entertainment, investment, and real estate, we've made UPGRD® a sought-after training for entrepreneurs, athletes, and investors, all while committing to a mission of upgrading humanity.



Became an American Board Certified Master Trainer.

The launch of UPGRD® OS

- What I believe -

At the heart of UPGRD®, we proudly embrace a revolutionary approach – we serve as the contemporary OS for the mind. Our methodology is rooted in the principle of user-friendliness, recognizing that individuals need not be experts to navigate their inner world effectively. Our focus lies not merely in training but in the installation of a user-friendly mental OS. This sets us apart from traditional personal development seminars, which often burden participants with antiquated, dichotomous systems akin to outdated DOS interfaces.

In our pursuit of personal evolution, we draw inspiration from a diverse range of perspectives, including those that are reminiscent of Cartesian logic. Our mission is to empower individuals to make quantum decisions, transcending binary thinking. This means enabling people to navigate the complex landscape of life with a more nuanced and holistic approach.

We draw from the wisdom of cognitive evolution, utilizing insights that resonate with cutting-edge principles that are paradigm-shifting. We are at an era where we have pressing need for a modern operating system for the mind. Our belief is that such an OS can facilitate not only personal growth but also harmonious interactions and positive transformations on a collective level.

At UPGRD®, we invite you to experience the power of this modern mental OS and join us in shaping a more evolved, integrated, and connected world.

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