Upgrd Podcast 7: With Aplomb

Sorry for the delay in releasing this week's podcast, let's just say there were some technical difficulties. This week's Upgrd podcast continues our main topic discussion of hotel programs. In addition we discuss:

  • When/If will airlines offer double elite qualifying miles (DEQM) and will they charge for it this year?
  • Will new flat beds decrease your upgrade success? (see poll)
  • US Airways continues to handle the flight 1549 incident with aplomb, Spirit airlines - not so much.
  • United Airlines staggering loss - can Glenn go any lower?
  • Our main feature: an introduction to Starwood's guest program, including levels, promotions, and redemptions

Do you think flat beds are going to decrease your chances of an upgrade? How long can Glenn continue with mounting losses at United? Did Matt sell you on switching to Starwood? Let us know with a comment below!

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