Upgrd Podcast 6: Hotels, Motels, and Air Beds

In this week's upgrd podcast we start our discussion of hotel loyalty programs. Topics include:

  • How ready are you for a US Airways 1549 type of incident?
  • US Airways bizarre status buy up program http://www.usairways.com/awa/content/dividendmiles/preferred/buy-up-to-preferred.aspx
  • Where do you stay when traveling? One hotel chain, or just the cheapest? (see poll for your favorite hotel chain)
  • An introduction to hotel programs with the discussion of Hilton's program
  • Listener mail in our "Dear Ted" section asking whether mileage running before a transatlantic (TATL) flight is a good idea with tight connections
  • Matthew's public transportation nightmare getting to LAX and missing check in

Our poll this week asks what hotel chain you frequent. We want to cover hotel programs that our listeners participate in. See poll to the right.

Other links mentioned in the show:

http://www.airbedandbreakfast.com/ - rent an air mattress from someone in a city you visit
http://www.betterbidding.com/ -  a website to look up recent Priceline.com hotel prices

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