Upgrd Podcast 4: The 29 Hour Transcon

Happy New Year and welcome to episode 4 of The Upgrd Podcast. This week we discuss some of the trouble's of traveling during bad weather this year and in the past. In addition we answer listener mail, discuss the Swiss sale fare, and touch on mileage running. Topics include:

  • Mike's ordeal traveling through the Northeast on Christmas eve
  • Past weather related travel issues during the Denver storm of 2006
  • Bumps and Voluntary Denied Boarding (VDB's) when traveling during winter or other peak travel seasons
  • The Swiss (LX) sale fare
  • Our reader mail section "Dear Ted" includes two questions including: How to extend business trip segments to reach the next status level, and whether or not to change a return flight BOS-LAX (see poll, more below)
  • Our favorite mileage run software including itasoftware.com and the FareCompare.com tools
  • Ben's tutorial on using ITA Software to construct mileage runs
  • and other topics.

In our Dear Ted section, Josh from LA asked if he and his wife should cut their vacation to Boston short by two hours to fly first class in the American Airlines 767-300 series plane with angled lie flat seats instead of their current 757 flight with the old style leather seats. Please vote on the right and tell us your comments below!

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josh January 5, 2009 at 09:56 pm

Thanks for answering my questions, guys.

I have made up my mind on the 757 vs 2-hour-earlier-767 question. I think I'll wait to share since I don't want to make the poll moot.

Mike January 6, 2009 at 07:55 pm

Hi Josh,

Sounds good, we will be recording the next podcast tonight, so could you send me an email/PM with your decision? It would be nice to include it, and the podcast will not be edited until Saturday so we won't spoil any surprise!