Upgrd Podcast 10: Doo Wop

In this week's travel podcast we discuss the Continental Airlines Do (meetup event) that just took place. Ben discusses the events and activities that occurred including a mystery flight around the state of Texas.

Since this is episode 10, we are taking a few extra Dear Ted listener questions this week including

  • upgrd.com member portishead's question on the relative value of miles in other programs
  • Nate from Orlando's question about which airline program to use now that he has moved to Orlando
  • Josh, a previous Dear Ted writer, provided a number of great travel gear links including a travel bag with airline buckle, power adapter for American Airlines, and other useful tips.
  • And we ask in this week's poll, how far would you go to attend a frequent flyer meetup?

Next week we are recording together in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 21st. Next week's podcast, episode 11, will not be ready until Monday the 23rd at the earliest.

Please ask questions below or send an email to:

feedback (at) uprgrd.com

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