Upgrd 82: Airline Predictions 2011

Following on from our review of last year's predictions, we are back to discuss out frequent flyer predictions for 2011. Unfortunately due to some breaking news during recording, the episode is cut a bit short. <shakes fist towards LH> We try to discuss:

  • If the combined United and Continental will keep four tiers of elite status or three
  • What types of Double Elite Qualifying Promotions (if any) there will be this year
  • Next stops for Virgin America
  • and more...
  • We recorded this a few weeks ago, so some info may be out of date already!

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Kevin February 21, 2011 at 04:33 am

Question... in the end of the episode, when Ben wets his pants about the new LH A380 at SFO, what is he using to check availability so quickly? The ANA tool? Something else? Gracias!

@Kevin: I believe he was using the ANA tool, though if you have a M&M account you can use that as well.

Joelfreak February 28, 2011 at 12:09 am

Its really getting to be a while between new shows...I thought you were going to try to have a new show every week or so? There really hasn't been a show that has covered CURRENT news (not predictions) this year!