Upgrd 57: LOT o' Mail

This week we answer some frequent flyer questions, both our own and from listener mail. In addition we tried something a little different, recording the whole discussion from the time people joined the call. We discussed:

  • Damian joins us to discuss his very recent experience in LOT business class
  • Standby on United Airlines
  • US Airways open to merger - anyone want an airline?
  • United Airlines finalizes 787 order
  • Program options for Qantas travellers
  • International Star Alliance partners and domestic USA lounge access
  • and Ben's additional prediction of the possible demise of DEQM



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David March 4, 2010 at 01:27 pm

A question for the UA flyers. In light of UA's new upgrade policy, what is the best CR1 upgrade strategy? I am a 1K that almost never flies the PS routes. Should I just gamble & not do anything, or should I use CR1s like I did in the past, with most elite-heavy routes (SFO-IAD/ORD/BOS, etc.) I am guessing that without instruments, there will be more upgrade requests overall.

On routes likely to be elite-light, like Orlando and Hawaii, would use of CR1s be a waste?

And also, will mileage/co-pays trump the standard upgrade queue?

Thanks a lot!