Upgrd 25: Dot Bomb

This week, we discuss the state of airline websites for booking round trip tickets and frequent flyer awards.  As many have complained before, the airline websites are still a mixed bag of old and new technology searching for a unified user experience and accuracy of pricing and results.

We discuss:

  • The general user interface problems with most of the legacy carrier's websites
  • Other websites you may use when trying to book award inventory
  • Our strong difference in opinion on which site is most usable - our use of one website so frequently has altered our perception of what makes a site "good"
  • Some general news including the sub $4 price that many US based airline stocks are at currently

Are there any US Airways or Alaska Airlines mileage program experts out there that would like to participate in one episode? If so contact us today!

The next two episodes will be covering car rental programs, and hopefully an interview with a flight attendant. Send in your questions for both!

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