Have you ever booked a flight just to get the miles?

I know the title is absurd as we all know the answer is "why else would you book a flight?". Marketplace, from American Public Media, is looking for "frequent fliers who have booked travel towards the end of the year for the sole purpose of bumping up their elite status".

I am guessing we can send a few readers and listeners their way. If interested in participating, they have a survey at http://bit.ly/4S0eKs



Ummm...yeah. Probably about half my trips are like that, though not always at the end of the year.

Rod December 5, 2009 at 10:55 am

Hi. I'm the producer who asked for the query. It's based on my experience a couple of years back when, after Xmas, I had just over 49,000 EQM miles on UA.

I booked a roundtrip twixt ORD and STL on New Year's Eve so I could get to 50 and Premier Exec status. What I found was a flight full of folks doing the same thing. At least six people got off the plane at STL and got right back on the return to ORD.

So we thought we'd do a quick feature on the phenomenon.

kd5mdk December 8, 2009 at 04:57 pm

Yeah, I took a "trip to nowhere" flying AUS-DFW-LBB for a 1 day turn on Halloween. 500 mile minimums and DEQM was a wonderful thing.

And then it was all for naught as I had to take a trip to MCI the next weekend which meant this one was unnecessary.