Upgrd 92: AdiĆ³s SpanAir

Join our frequent flyers as we discuss the closure of SpanAir, the bankruptcy proceedings of American Airlines, and recent hotel and airline promotions including:
Delta may make run at US Airways US Airways evaluates merger with AA The end of SpanAir American Airlines ...

Upgrd 91: Airline Mileage Devaluation

In this week's frequent flyer travel podcast we discuss the recent airline news and changes many airline mileage programs including:
US Airways 100% mile bonus is back United and Continental get single operating certicate Delta selling MQM British Airways miles devaluation More fuel ...
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Upgrd 89: Method to the Madness

In this week's frequent flyer podcast, we are joined by Nicholas Kralev to discuss his new book Decoding Air Travel. We discuss how you can construct your own airfare by looking at the airline tariffs and inventory buckets and why you should be loyal to one airline alliance to maximize your ...

Upgrd 88: Credit Card Churning

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we are joined by Rick, frugal travel guy, to discuss churning credit cards for the most frequent flyer and hotel points. Listen as we discuss:
How you can apply for up multiple credit cards at once and apply again several times per year to get the most ...

Upgrd 87: Social Flights

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we are joined by Allen of Corporate Flight Management to discuss their new program socialflights.com. On social flights, individuals can group together to secure a corporate jet to fly to the same city. Groups are formed for special events (sporting event, ...

Upgrd 86: Springtime Travel

In this episode of our frequent flyer podcast we welcome Seth from The Wandering Aramean blog to discuss:
A recap of the Frequent Traveler Awards and Luncheon Lufthansa A380 SFO inaugural Starwood SPG new promo AAdavantage 30th Promotions Save 30% on new ...

Upgrd 85: Our Travels

In this episode of our frequent flyer podcast we discuss some recent trips and airline news including:
Captain Denny flight with a number of travelers from Flyertalk Behind the scenes tour at SFO before the flight The upcoming frequent traveler awards and frequent traveler ...
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Upgrd 84: So Much News

In this week's frequent flyer travel podcast we catch up on the current mileage redemption, elite status, and airline industry news. We discuss:
Free Star Alliance Silver Status (offer now dead) - what did that get you? Matthew's newest mileage run Delta SkyClub video during ...

Upgrd 83: Getting Bumped

In this week's month's quarterly podcast we discuss taking a bump on oversold flights and the compensation involved. We discuss:
Air New Zealand SkyCouch US Airways Bump Compensation woes Getting your name on the list to volunteer for bumps Typical compensation for the ...

Upgrd 82: Airline Predictions 2011

Following on from our review of last year's predictions, we are back to discuss out frequent flyer predictions for 2011. Unfortunately due to some breaking news during recording, the episode is cut a bit short. <shakes fist towards LH> We try to discuss:

  • If the combined United and Continental will keep four tiers of elite status or three
  • What types of Double Elite Qualifying Promotions (if any) there will be this year
  • Next stops for Virgin America
  • and more...
  • We recorded this a few weeks ago, so some info may be out of date already!


Upgrd 81: Not so Psychic

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we take a look back at our predictions this time last year including

  • The United Airlines unlimited domestic upgrade program (UDU)
  • The merger of United and Continental Airlines
  • and more...

What predictions do you have for 2011? Let us know below.

Upgrd 80: And...We're Back!

Happy New Year from all of us on the Upgrd Podcast. In this week's frequent flyer roundtable we discuss the recent irregular airline operations due to weather and some recent trips including:

  • Matthew's first class award on Swiss Airlines
  • The northeast blizzard and its effect on everyone's travel plans
  • Additional ideas on what to do during irregular operations

Do you have tips for traveling during a blizzard? Let us know below...


Upgrd 79: Airline Mergers 2010

In this frequent flyer podcast we discuss travel news and recap the mergers between Delta / Northwest and Continental / United. We discuss:
The new slimline seats on Lufthansa Keep your passwords safe on airline and hotel sites Boingo giveaway - make sure you leave a comment! ...

Upgrd 78: Frequent Flyer Questions

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we answer listener questions, questions from airlineanswers.com and talk about some recent news including:
in free american express spending Aeroplan to require segments for status on AC New Cathay Pacific seats Irregular Operations on An Award ...

Upgrd 77: Holiday Travel Gifts

In this week's travel gift podcast we discuss some recent news and ideas for the hard to buy for traveler including:
Matthew on abcnews. American Express $25 Small Business Promotion Mark's Tech Travel Gift suggestions Some of our suggestions including: Digital Luggage ...

Upgrd 76: Good Looking Cheeseburger!

In this airline meal inspired podcast our talk comparing United and Continental quickly devolved into a chat about food. In addition our frequent flyers discuss:

  • The recent updates to the combined United/Continental mileage programs
  • A comparison of inflight service and food between United Airlines and Continental Airlines
  • Randy Peterson's announcement of his departure from FlyerTalk
  • and more...

Do you fly both Continental and United? Any comparisons you would like to add? Let us know below!

Upgrd 75: Our Recap of the Frequent Traveler Awards

Last week many of attended the frequent traveler awards in Houston. In this week's frequent flyer podcast our panelists discussed the event itself as well as the results. We also discussed:
Free Gogo Wifi Charging your phone and other gadgets on the road TSA Body ...
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