My First Slow Flight

Yesterday I wrote about the preflight process to make sure the plane is safe to fly. Today, it's about the second part of that lesson- the actual flying.

Once my instructor and I were strapped in, I started up the avionics computer. The Skycatcher has what is called a glass cockpit- flat ...

How to preflight a plane

After another lesson spent in the sim practicing maneuvers, it was time for the real deal. My first flight lesson in an actual airplane! The first step to flying any airplane involves preflighting the plane. Preflighting the plane is the process of checking the plane for anything that might cause a ...

The First Flight Lesson

After taking care of the paperwork, it was time to start learning how to fly. For my first lesson, my instructor and I started in the simulator rather then in the airplane. My instructor wanted me to become familer with some basic moves first. So we began with the coordinated turn.
An airplane ...

Getting Medical Clearance to Fly

In order to start flight lessons, I needed to take care of some paperwork first. One item was  providing the school with my proof of US citizenship. I couldn't start training without it. Non-citizens can train in the US, but they have to be cleared by the TSA first.

The next thing was ...
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Finding a flight school

When I decided to start flight lessons, my first challenge was finding a flight school. I didn't know many pilots at the time and most of them didn't live near me, so I didn't have any good  recommendations for a school in my area.

So I started searching on the Internet. The first ...

Welcome to Training Wings!

 Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I’m here to blog about the journey from going to just a plane watcher to becoming a small-plane pilot. I’m excited about finally making the dream of flight happen.

First, a little about myself. I’m a 20-something living near Orlando, FL ...