URGENT! PSA - Burn Your Short Haul Avios

A discovery was made by Gary Leff of Boarding Area's View From the Wing Blog that Iberia (owned by British Airways parent company IAG) have changed their short haul redemption rates and created a new American Airlines only award chart.  
As Gary points out this is a devaluation of 333% ...

Credit Card Prom Date Issue

As I mentioned yesterday, I would be applying for a couple of cards and I wasn't entirely sure about which ones I would do. Doctor of Credit had mentioned on one of my last posts that I should submit the appropriate documents to have a couple of bureaus frozen before applying for any US Bank credit ...

Credit Card Apps - Jeans and T-Shirt edition

I am easily a newcomer to the credit card side of the world of miles.  Though we have held cards for many years, April was my first true go at it.  There are only a few cards I will be going for and only a couple offered by UPGRD.com.  Full disclosure, some of the links I post will ...

A New Role for Malaysia Airlines

First of all, MH17 is a terrible tragedy that has hit at least one family twice in five months.  The families of those concerned have the compounding emotion of not only their loved ones perishing, but also of outrage that the death of their loved ones were preventable on multiple fronts. ...

Credit Card Application - UPDATE

A couple of days ago I applied for a few cards and shared which they would be.  I mentioned that becuase of being out of the country off and on over a recent four-year span, my credit history looks like swiss cheese with holes all over the place.  I wasn't terribly confident in how many of ...

It's Credit Card Application Day - Which Ones and Why I Value Them

I am not quite like other bloggers in that I have only as of late really started to apply for reward earning credit cards with any consistency, though I have carried a few accumulated over time.  My situation was unique, as my wife and I were in and out of the country for four years (mostly ...

Changes coming to US Airways Mastercard

Just a heads up to cardholder's (the Sherpstress is one), after an unrelated call to the DMSC (Dividend Miles Service Center) I was told that the reps received notice today that there will be changes in the next ten days to the current "Mastercard".  As per the usual marketing banter, agents ...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight Loses Contact

First reported by NBC, a Malaysia Airlines 777-200 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has lost radio contact.  Though there is no confirmation that the aircraft has indeed crashed, it's never a good sign of course.  There are 239 (227 pax, 12 crew) souls on board and the flight was scheduled to land at PEK at 0630 local time (1730 Eastern Time).  The flight number is MH370. 

Here's to hoping it's just a bit of radio trouble, though I fear that's unlikely. 


Business incentive program - American Airlines Business Extra

In case you missed my post from yesterday detailing business incentive programs and their benefit using the Skybonus example, check it out first here. 

My favorite program
Why is American Business extra my favorite program?  The value of American's award chart (especially ...

Free double dipping - Intro to business incentive programs

Rocky had a great post about the bonuses currently offered by business incentive programs from Delta (Skybonus) and American (Business Extra).  I have been a member of these programs for years, and I have been preparing a post about them since the bonuses have thrust them into the limelight. ...

Shanghai Psychos

This is why I love travel.  A video has been floating around from some Ukrainians that sneak into a skyscraper under construction and climb to the top.  I'm not ruining the video by saying that as far as you consider the top to be, they go further. As a side note - this also fuels my ...

Are you earning miles on absolutely every transaction?

The following post is available for archival purposes only.  There is an updated debit card post that will show you the current options.  Please read there and continue to earn miles for paying your bills and non-credit purhcases.
This is a post about getting miles on ...

US Airways-American Alliance Update: Best of Both Worlds

A reader received what I considered to be an amazing email today from the New American Airlines.  I am a member of both US Airways Dividend Miles and American Aadvantage (Executive Platinum) and I didn't receive it, but a non-elite did.  Much of the alliance information is exactly what I ...

New York to Tokyo - A great menu

When we booked our trip to Bali using 49,500 American Airlines Aadvantage miles in business class (55,000 - 10% rebate due to our Citi card), we wanted to maximize our experience.  We had never flown Japan Airlines and their business product had received good reviews, it seemed like the right ...

Hyatt Regency Sha Tin (Hong Kong) - Life is Much Better as a Diamond Member

My previous post reviewed the Radisson Martinique Manhattan in New York which was nice, and a suite that was more than adequate, but falls short of expectations for the price paid.  When planning our trip around the world, I came across Mike's post about requesting a Diamond Challenge for ...
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Club Carlson Redemption - Radisson Martinique Manhattan

"Why are you staying at the Radisson?" Mike asked when we met him in New York on a recent trip.  Fair question sir, and there are two good reasons.  The first is that we wanted to keep costs low as possible.  We booked a mistake fare and burned some miles to get there. The only way we ...

Getting back to Blogging

As I stated, I had some personal events come up that precluded me from actively blogging for awhile.  But I am happy to report that I am back.  Over the next couple of weeks you will read about New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, and Rio with tons of hotels and non-hotel ...
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Something I Won't Be Doing in Rio this Week

As you may know, this week I am in Rio with the Sherpstress as part of this ticket mistake/amazing sale.  Whilst I have always been a fan of flying, this is not the kind of flying I am into. Nonetheless, this would certainly be something to tell your kids about. 

If you made it out alive. 

I can't possibly be as lucky or as good as these two.  PSA - the language gets a little rough after 2:20, but then again, maybe they earned it.