Sherpa Has 24 hrs in NYC

As part of this amazing itinerary I had a chance to visit NYC for the first time (outside of an airport) and it was an excellent start to our journey.  In keeping with the UN-Trip report and instead focusing on a series of experiences, here are a few that will be long remembered.  ...

TopCashBack Follow-up

If you haven't had a chance yet to take a look at all of my previous posts (because I have written so many lately), then you should read this first as well as the comments that follow.
My opinions are my own, as are my experiences and your mileage may vary.  Some commenters had similar ...

My Disappearance

This isn't a post about me being left behind in southeast Asia again, but as few posts as I have done lately, I could see how you might have wondered. 
About that...
I have been a little slow in posting lately and for that I apologize, but if it's any consolation, I have good ...

Why I Left TopCashBack for Smaller Rebates

Who would ever leave more savings for less?  The Sherpa would, but for good reason. 
First, for those who are unfamiliar, a rebate website is one that gets a commission from referring a customer who makes a purchase.  The rebate website then passes some of that commission onto ...

NYC - First Date

Keeping up with my UN-Trip Report, it doesn't get less "trip reporty" than this. The rest of the details of our trip will come soon, but this has it's place, right here, right now. 
There is a strange excitement for travel that only comes with traveling to a new place. ...

Just Happy to Be There - Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

Continuing with my UN-Trip report, and trip around the world, here is a quick review of Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in Kuala Lumpur. 
For those of you that may be unaware, Malaysia Airlines (MH) has just joined oneworld.  This means that you have many more options to ...

The Dramatic Conclusion to... Ticketless in Malaysia

Concluding my previous posts about being suddenly ticketless and stranded in Malaysia, here is the dramatic close.  If you want to catch up you can read the posts here part 1, part 2, part 3, or you can read the entire post in one sitting (aren't you brave) right... here.
For the quick ...

Ticketless in Malaysia Continued

Continuing on from my UN-trip Report started here, then here picks up below. For clarity, these were the choices once Air Asia denied our boarding for not having cleared tourist visas in advance of our trip to Myanmar, though according to the government we should have been allowed entry for transit ...

Ticketless in Malaysia

Picking up on my UN-Trip report from last week, here is some more of the story.
It is important to understand the layout here at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(s).  Elsewhere in the world it makes more sense to have separate discount (LCCT - Low Cost Carrier Terminal) and conventional ...

You Are Stuck in Malaysia

Me:  "So you are telling me we are stuck in Asia with no way home back to the US?"
Agent: "I'm sorry sir, there is nothing I can do."
... And it's not even 6AM, Sunday morning.
Welcome to the UN-Trip Report
The way this usually goes, I outline all of the reviews that ...

A Trip Report Not to Be Missed

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago the Sherpstress and myself engaged in a trip around the world, that was full of interesting turns.  Stops in NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Frankfurt, and Montreal made it an incredible journey.
More incredible in fact, than we ...

Hong Kong - I want to rent this apartment!

We are heading to Hong Kong as part of our trip east, and looking at options for hotels including AirBnB for which the Sherpa and Sherpstress are huge proponents.  Though we would love to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, we are instead staying in a flat across the street.

In all of my searching on AirBnB, I have never found a flat like this...

Check it out!


Where Will You Go In 2014? - Yes 2014!

A reader recently engaged me in a conversation about taking large expanses of time to live abroad for leisure. It seemed that the reader (I'm speculating) was expressing concern or anxiety about what to do when the trip is over, returning back to the States without a place to live, or a job.  ...

Kuala Lumpur Here We Come!

The Sherpa and Sherpstress are down to single digit days before we depart for New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, a week in Bali and a night in Kuala Lumpur before routing back around the world home. 
I found this video awhile ago, but thought it would be more appropriate to post it now, ...

Reader Question: How Do I Travel the World As a Lifestyle Choice?

From time to time readers of the blog will communicate questions through comments, twitter, or in this case, facebook.  Reader Michaela writes:
I've been intrigued by your story ever since I heard you moved away so bravely to travel the world! I've been itching for an adventure myself, ...

$390 JFK-Berlin One Day SALE!

There is a great one day fare sale offered by oneworld carrier Air Berlin for today (Dec 19th) only.  Rates are sub $390 and slightly more all over January and February, but that's where the party ends.

Using I was able to load the calendar with JFK-TXL (Berlin ...

When Spending $1200 Seems To Save You $700

Speaking to the Sherpstress, and justifying a future trip, I made a statement that only a travel nut could make with a straight face, but before I get to that statement, here is how the conversation came up.
Our next trip is to Bali, and coming back we are using some RGN one-ways that deposit ...

Best AAgent Ever!

Finally I got an AAgent that understood exactly what I wanted to accomplish and helped me get it done.  

A few notes to help you understand where I am coming from and why I needed an AAgent in the first place.

The Sherpa and Sherpstress are headed to Southeast Asia to take ...

Park Plaza Hotel Soi 18 - Bangkok, Thailand

Fellow UPGRD Blogger Brad from RegionalFirst, also posted on this hotel as part of the same promotion, his review differs, as does his room choice.  Make sure you check out his review of the Park Plaza Bangkok as well!
As part of the best promotion in the ...