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Ticketless in Malaysia


Picking up on my UN-Trip report from last week, here is some more of the story.
It is important to understand the layout here at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(s).  Elsewhere in the world it makes more sense to have separate discount (LCCT - Low Cost Carrier Terminal) and conventional terminals (MTB - Main Terminal Building).  What many airports do when they expand, is ...

You Are Stuck in Malaysia

Me:  "So you are telling me we are stuck in Asia with no way home back to the US?"

Agent: "I'm sorry sir, there is nothing I can do."

... And it's not even 6AM, Sunday morning.

Welcome to the UN-Trip Report

The way this usually goes, I outline all of the reviews that comprised a recent trip.  Each individual report is filled with photos and ...

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A Trip Report Not to Be Missed

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago the Sherpstress and myself engaged in a trip around the world, that was full of interesting turns.  Stops in NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Frankfurt, and Montreal made it an incredible journey.

More incredible in fact, than we had planned or hoped for.  So incredible, that I am throwing out the rules about a trip ...

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Hong Kong - I want to rent this apartment!

We are heading to Hong Kong as part of our trip east, and looking at options for hotels including AirBnB for which the Sherpa and Sherpstress are huge proponents.  Though we would love to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, we are instead staying in a flat across the street.

In all of my searching on AirBnB, I have never found a flat like this...

Check it out!


Where Will You Go In 2014? - Yes 2014!


A reader recently engaged me in a conversation about taking large expanses of time to live abroad for leisure. It seemed that the reader (I'm speculating) was expressing concern or anxiety about what to do when the trip is over, returning back to the States without a place to live, or a job.  This is a very real fear, and something we had to deal with when the Sherpa and Sherpstress ...

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Kuala Lumpur Here We Come!

The Sherpa and Sherpstress are down to single digit days before we depart for New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, a week in Bali and a night in Kuala Lumpur before routing back around the world home. 

I found this video awhile ago, but thought it would be more appropriate to post it now, before we go.  You can look forward to posts about spending Club Carlson points and a paid ...

Reader Question: How Do I Travel the World As a Lifestyle Choice?

From time to time readers of the blog will communicate questions through comments, twitter, or in this case, facebook.  Reader Michaela writes:

I've been intrigued by your story ever since I heard you moved away so bravely to travel the world! I've been itching for an adventure myself, and so is my boyfriend. 
How do you manage this lifestyle? Do you work as you ...

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$390 JFK-Berlin One Day SALE!


There is a great one day fare sale offered by oneworld carrier Air Berlin for today (Dec 19th) only.  Rates are sub $390 and slightly more all over January and February, but that's where the party ends.

Using I was able to load the calendar with JFK-TXL (Berlin Tegel - BER has been delayed in opening).  January as you can see has several dates ...

When Spending $1200 Seems To Save You $700


Speaking to the Sherpstress, and justifying a future trip, I made a statement that only a travel nut could make with a straight face, but before I get to that statement, here is how the conversation came up.

Our next trip is to Bali, and coming back we are using some RGN one-ways that deposit us into Montreal (YUL) which is close to PIT, but not nearly close enough.  Here are our ...

Best AAgent Ever!


Finally I got an AAgent that understood exactly what I wanted to accomplish and helped me get it done.  

A few notes to help you understand where I am coming from and why I needed an AAgent in the first place.

The Sherpa and Sherpstress are headed to Southeast Asia to take part in our one-way mistake fare, Yangon, Myanmar (RGN) to Montreal, Canada (YUL).  The ...

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Park Plaza Hotel Soi 18 - Bangkok, Thailand



Fellow UPGRD Blogger Brad from RegionalFirst, also posted on this hotel as part of the same promotion, his review differs, as does his room choice.  Make sure you check out his review of the Park Plaza Bangkok as well!


As part of the best promotion in the hotel industry this summer, the Sherpa and Sherpstress made a mattress run to Bangkok ...

Flying Kenya Airways Bangkok to Hong Kong


For new readers I should fill in some quick details.  My wife and I recently took a sabbattical and put our careers on hold to spend six months in Thailand on holiday.  Thus we were departing from BKK-HKG and thought we would try a Skyteam airline on the route which was only slightly more expensive than Air Asia.  

Prior to our flight, I contacted the ...

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Hello UPGRD readers - Intro to the Trip Sherpa


I am really, REALLY happy to be here. 

I have been reading UPGRD over the last couple of years, listening to the podcasts, and I am really excited to now be a contributor.  My blog will be somewhat unique to the other bloggers here, and really to anything else I have found readily available on the internet. 

I have a passion for helping the uninitiated but ...

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Guest Post - TravellingMcDs visits Turkey

Friends, Family, Fans of The Trip Sherpa, today we have a guest post. A fellow blogger in Singapore travels like we do and has been writing about it. For those of you who have traveled abroad, you will have noticed the crazy menu items on the virtual US embassy which is... McDonald's. Sir J Man has offered the following prose, but be sure to check out his blog: ...

A Great Price on Myanmar-Canada Fares and Why You Should Consider It

Here's the deal for those who want to race over and book right away.  Hat tip to Hack My Trip.

$369-410USD one-way (some roundtrips have been reported successfully) from RGN (Yangon, Myanmar) to YVR (Vancouver) in business class!

Here is a screen shot showing you the disparity in pricing to show you how good this deal really is.



That's ...

Free Top Tier Status is back!

Get this while it's still available!  I covered this a couple of weeks ago and it went away so fast that even the Sherpstress didn't get in on it (she did wait almost 18 hours!).  She didn't make that mistake again and her Platinum status posted within moments.  Once you have signed up make sure you add it to Award Wallet - you can sign up for that free ...

Dear Mr. Smisek... an open letter






Sherpa Note:  I wrote this post almost a week ago but wanted to give United a chance to respond first.  Their auto-responder email I received back said they would come back within a shocking... SEVEN days!  I'm going to say that again, they pledged to respond within 7 days.  As of this post they have not responded ...

Would you spend $69 to save yourself $338? - Mattress Running

I mentioned before in this post that my stay at Radisson Sukhumvit was to take advantage of what I deem to be the best hotel promotion of the year.  It's already paid off in spades.

I have widely published my itinerary repatriating to the United States in the coming months.  It drops us at LAX and the Sherpa and Sherpstress would like to spend a couple of "free" days on the best coast ...

Sometimes it's NOT too good to be true

There have been quite a few mistake fares the past few months.  Some have gotten more press than others and I think it's important for my readers to have an idea of what has happened.

A few Sherpa readers who have taken action on these great deals have been disappointed with those that were not honored. It seems to help perpetuate the theory that, "If it seems too good to be ...

See the Sherpa Here: How Driving to Your Assignments May Earn You a Free Trip to Tokyo

The Sherpa was kindly asked to guest blog for Medical Solutions last week and wanted to link the article here.  Medical Solutions is a travel nursing organization that offers travel nurses support in placement, facilities, benefits and continuing education as well as hospitals and clinics that need nurses to fill vacancies.

These travel nurses are a different kind of road warrior and ...