Hyatt Regency Mexico City - An Oasis in the Desert

This is part of a trip from Pittsburgh to Lima, Peru that went horribly wrong.  If you want to start at the very beginning, click here (it's worth it).
Due to our surprise 24 hour stay in Mexico City, it was important to get a hotel and into the city fast.  The airport held a lot of ...

The True Value of Elite Status - A Chance at Redemption

Being Stuck in a Bad Situation
If you have followed the previous posts (start at the beginning) about the mishaps and mistakes I made during a recent trip to Peru, you will know that I was stuck in a bad position.  My wife was very upset, I had friends that would be waiting for us at the ...

Mistakes and Mishaps of a Travel Pro - Continued

To catch up on this story please first read this post. 
Still Stuck at Terminal 1 in Mexico City
I had a fleeting thought that perhaps we should just get into a taxi, but taxi drivers sometimes queue for an hour or more to get a fare at the airport which tend to be business people ...

Mistakes and Mishaps of a Travel Pro

When discussing my travel planning faults it only seems appropriate to wax biblical like my friend Matthew:
“We have all fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)
And to quote from the one of the finer films of all time, Raising Arizona, who at the time was biblically ...

Hyatt Regency Crystal City - DCA Reagan National

The key to any airport hotel, is the time it takes you to get to the airport and frequency of the shuttle.  At 9PM from the airport to the hotel the journey was 6 minutes with no stops.  It could have been shorter but we got stuck behind a crew bus.  That’s fast for ...
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My Cruise Rewards - Valuable or Worthless, Does Anyone Know

After a recent change, I was considering the Royal Caribbean card from Bank of America.  My daughter is getting to the age of running around and the idea of giving her hours of running around, swimming and food sounds to me like lots of naps for her and I can finish that novel I have been ...

Transparency of Airfare Pricing

I recently commented on the government's website for USA Today regarding changes to CFR 399.88 which requires airlines to be accountable for their prices, mistakes or otherwise.  Some of my colleagues at UPGRD may disagree with my position, but I wanted to post these thoughts for everyone to ...

Hyatt Diamond Challenge is Back and Open to Everyone

My favorite hotel chain has been Hyatt for several years now.  Service at the Park properties are fantastic but even the Hyatt House stays can offer really exceptional rooms.  As seen on, a revamped promo has been announced.
Old Status Challenge
Hyatt took away ...

Hilton Making Moves in Myanmar

Bloomberg recently had a report about Hilton Hotels properties in newly opened Myanmar (formerly Burma).  Hilton was one of the first chains to build in Southeast Asian country since sanctions have eased over the the last couple of years.  
We visited Myanmar three years ago and ...

Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia - 240 Onboard, 50 injured

While details are still sketchy at this time, an Amtrak train en route from Washington DC to New York City derailed 8-10 cars with approximately 240 passengers on board.  Aerial shots show the wreckage lit up by flashlights as rescuers pursue survivors.  

The accident happened near 2000 Wheatsheaf Lane and local trains have suspended service and been diverted for the time being.  Firefighters were seen moving victims on gurneys out of the train cars which appeared to be on their side.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy.  


Country Count: Which Count, Which Don't and How Many Do You Have?

I get asked this question all the time: 
 “How many countries have you been to?”
First of all, don’t end your sentences with a preposition.  Second, it really depends on who you ask.  There are a few different different schools of thought and I am ...

Getting What You Pay For...

This is loosely about travel, but mostly it's not.  
A friend of mine, we will call her Megan (because that is her name) started buying mistake fares about a year ago, and has suffered the same fate of all of those that have purchased a mistake fare for practically nothing.  That fate ...

Introducing Jimmy Chan and the Grand Hyatt Macau

It was our first visit to Macau (my 40th or 45th country depending on whom you ask and what they consider a country). Naturally, it was also our first stay in the Grand Hyatt Macau.  
First Impressions
The drive up is impressive and the lobby even more so.  It was ...

Hyatt Place NYC - Punching Above Its Weight

As part of the “Tour D’Hyatts” the Sherpstress, Sherpita and myself stayed in three different Manhattan Hyatts over three different nights.  We started with the Hyatt Place NYC and planned on working our way up the Hyatt chain through the Hyatt Herald Square and ultimately the ...

Beautiful Myanmar

I'm not a fan of re-posting links to great stories without adding something of my own at least, however, there is not a lot that can be added to make these photos any more meaningful to a traveler.
Myanmar (Burma) is one of the most untouched countries left in the world and one the entire ...

New Reasons to Visit an Old Favorite - Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin

You can see all of my previous posts about the Sha Tin here. Hong Kong is clearly one of my favorite cities in the world.  There is so much to love there, it’s Chinese, it’s British, it’s something completely unique and all it’s own - it’s Hong Kong.  There ...