Hyatt Regency Aruba - Food & Beverage Heaven and Hell

In my previous posts on the Hyatt Regency Aruba (first and second), you have seen some positive and some negative aspects of our stay but most of the negatives have been small, nitpicking little details that in aggregate add up to a lot.  More importantly, this is a value for ...

Hyatt Regency Aruba - The Property, the Sun, the Water

Continuing my posts on Aruba, this is more about the disappointing Hyatt Regency Aruba, here is the previous post if you would like to start from the beginning.
Grounds, Pools
This resort has beautiful grounds complete with caged macaws.  It felt tropical, luxurious and refined.  ...

Hyatt Regency Aruba - So Close to Greatness, So Far From Good Value

I have made no bones about it, I love Hyatt as a brand.  I am also a fan of Apple products in the same regard, and in most instances will look past an inconvenience to see a personal benefit.  This property is not a loser, in fact if you spend time mostly at Hyatt Place and Hyatt ...

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba - For Families or Couples or both

Continuing our stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, see the previous post here.
One drawback that we heard in advance was that it was a family style resort.  While we travel with our daughter (16 months old) she would not be of an age to take advantage of the kid friendly ...

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba - A Great Option

If you have read my blog over the last three years, I think you will notice a trend.  I tend to review Hyatts in great locations and virtually nothing else.  I travel for business outside of my assignments or vacations and as much as I would like to stay in Hyatts all the time (though I ...

US Airlines Allowed to Begin Scheduled Flights to Cuba This Year!

According to Bloomberg, US carriers will be able to fly to Cuba later this year with up to 120 daily flights to the island (20 to Havana, 10 each to the other nine international airports).  An agreement signed in December of last year will be "formalized" on Tuesday which will pave the way for ...

OneGo: Why I’m Skeptical About All-You-Can-Fly Subscriptions - UPDATED

For this post I was able to speak with a PR rep from OneGo about their offering.  She was very helpful in answering questions about the service, but I still had questions about the business structure which she could of course not answer on behalf of the company.  Their PR rep Dina was able ...

Grand Hyatt Erawan - Lunch at the Tea Room

This is the third part in a series on the Grand Hyatt Erawan.  Click part 1 and part 2 to catch up on what you might have missed.
Ahead of our visit, I sent some questions for PR about the property and the in-house Public Relations Rep, Beau said she would meet me during our stay.  We ...
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Grand Hyatt Erawan - More Resort than Hotel in the Heart of Bangkok

(Decorated for the holidays)
Without getting too “meta” as a travel writer, a blogger, as someone who gets to visit beautiful properties all the time there are some experiences where I find the words harder to place together because I won’t be able to do justice.  ...

Southwest Companion Pass - The Best Deal in Travel for Family Flights

Why Southwest Ever?
Southwest Airlines does not offer upgrades (though their seats have a pitch comparable to some economy plus seats).  That disqualifies them for much of our readership, but to those who are open there are some serious benefits available from the largest domestic ...

Matthew is Wrong - Hyatt Buying Starwood Is a Benefit to Customers

Earlier today I posted about Hyatt potentially buying Starwood hotels as reported by CNBC. Then Matthew from Live and Let's Fly here on Upgrd wrote this post.
There were of course some valid points:
"Northwest and Delta merged, and we lost a great Northwest loyalty program and ...

BREAKING - CNBC Reports Hyatt in Advance Talks to Buy Starwood Hotels

Heard on CNBC this morning, Hyatt is the latest to signal interest in Starwood Hotels.  Just yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that three Chinese firms had expressed interest in Starwood who has been openly for sale for several months.  
Starwood parted with their CEO almost ...

Barclays US Airways/American Airlines Companion Pass Deadline EXTENDED!

Many of you likely have the former Barclays US Airways Mastercard, now the Barclays Aviator card.  One of my favorite features of the card are two $99 companion passes (with black out dates of course) that expire on September 30th, 2015.  
This is particularly helpful to my family ...

W Bangkok - Oh no, I'm the Old Guy

I Am Way Too Old For This...
Among premium international hotel chains, a new trend for hotels is to tailor to the younger, cooler generation.  Brands like W Hotels from SPG (Aloft is their junior brand), Andaz from Hyatt, or Autograph from Marriott speak in a vernacular that is casual with ...
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Rebuttal - Travel is Not Free and the "Bonnie" Rule

The Deal Mommy at Saverocity posted something with which I categorically disagree.  She writes about a commenter that implored her to consider that miles are worth less than a cash back card would provide and while in some isolated cases that is true, proper redemption is often a far ...

Hyatt Dulles - Quick Stay and Firing My Travel Agent

As part of my recent mileage runs to China, instead of only going to Beijing as others had, I mixed it up and found flights to Shanghai (the Beijing fares were disappearing fast).  This is stay was the night before a flight departing Washington Dulles - IAD.  

“You should ...
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Reader Question: Airline Loyalty - Which to Choose

Here at we get emails from readers and from time to time we publish them (edited by blogger for brevity and privacy).  This one is from reader VC:
I am a graduate student who has been doing some frequent budget travel to maintain a long distance relationship and have some ...

Mileage Bonuses For Debit Cards Are Better Than Ever For Some

In case you haven't heard, there have been some recent setbacks in the world of mileage earning debit cards, but it's not all bad news.  In fact for many consumers it's better than it ever has been.  
For those pursuing credit card style earnings of one mile for $1 spent, the ...