TCL 75: People Express

This week our flight attendants talk with a former People Express flight attendant about working at one of the first discount carriers. We discuss flight attendant and flying news and some of the unique work required at People Express including:

  • TLC ordering 13 half-hour episodes of a reality series
  • AirTran sued over cockroaches on a flight
  • Money stolen from flight attendant, flushed down toilet
  • Newark Airport in the early 80s
  • Collecting airfare on board
  • Cross utilization at People Express
  • and more..

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Josh November 18, 2011 at 03:43 am

This was a AWESOME episode! People Express was before my time, but its great to see how the first discount carrier was. I would love to see another episode with People Express F/A's. Mimi and Sara y'all are great and continue to make me smile and laugh every episode! Hope to be on the show after I get my wings in December.