TCL 34: Miss Trips

Our flight attendants discuss oversleeping and other reasons for missing your assigned trip. We are joined by Ben and talk about:

  • Missing your trip
  • The Cebu flight attendant video
  • An article written more for link bait than any type of real discussion. Or perhaps the author was rejected by one too many flight attendants.
  • And more...

Disclaimer: The views expressed are the personal opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.


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Atif October 18, 2010 at 12:18 am

When I'm traveling I take a picture of my hotel room door with my phone so I know my room number. This also works GREAT for when you park your car in the long term parking at an airport so that when you return a week later you can look at the picture to figure out which row/aisle your car is!