TCL 20: That's Right - Twenty!

A big thank you to all our listeners for helping us make it to this little milestone! In Episode 20 our flight attendant panelists discuss:

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HunterSFO June 1, 2010 at 03:15 pm

I dont know who wrote in asking you guys to "cut the gay talk down" but, I disagree. Flight attendant culture is somewhat intertwined with the gay community and I think its a good thing. I especially respect the non-gay flight attendamts who are welcoming and supportive of the gay crewmates they work with. That shows real proffesionalism and human compassion.

I think the "gay talk" is equally appropriate to Sara's "straight talk" when she mentions her child and husband. It brings home to the audience of the crew lounge podcast that flight attendants are real human beings with personal lives, families, and loved ones.

Great work guys, i love the show and look forward to it each week.

Brian June 4, 2010 at 01:30 pm

Gay or not, why should someone's sexual preference be visible at all in a work situation? When I'm at work, I don't answer the phone "This is Brian, I'm gay, how can I help you?" Whatever the work situation, it seems more professional and ethical to keep the situation customer-centric. Should the "talk" be limited to things that serve business objectives so that we can all make more money?

Steve June 7, 2010 at 09:47 pm

I think the gay talk should not be in the show at all. This isn't a show about sex or sexual preference and it's unprofessional to drum up the gay talk all the time.

Mike June 8, 2010 at 03:38 pm

Thanks everyone for your comments here and on the survey. We'll keep them in mind as we decide on the content and format moving forward.


Seth June 17, 2010 at 08:07 am

Wanted to tell you guys that your conversation in this podcast about doing service on a very short flight made me think of a good example. I was on a Southwest flight from DTW to BWI, which in and of itself is a short flight. There was turbulence so the pilot had the FAs seated for a while. As soon as it smoothed out, there was a truly heroic effort on the part of the FAs to actually do a service. They were literally running back and forth from the galley getting everyone their drinks before landing. Although I would have survived without that 6 oz of soda, of course, it sure showed how dedicated they were to the job and how willing they were to go out of their way to serve their customers. Say what you will about Southwest (and it certainly would not be my first choice all the time as a frequent flyer, but hey sometimes it's just so cheap), but I am consistently impressed by their FAs and the service they provide.