TCL 19: Rolls Like A Dream

Our flight attendants discuss packing and traveling in this week's podcast. We are joined by Brad and Jonathan to discuss secrets of packing and the best luggage and travel equipment. Topics include:

  • Jonathan's travel steamer instead of ironing, similar to this Jiffy Steamer
  • Sara's roll aboard similar to the eBags wheeled duffel and other roll aboards like this eBags eTech Mini - I bet you can guess how they roll...
  • The eBags crew cooler - soon to be re-released
  • Rolling vs Folding vs Throwing everything into the bag
  • and more...

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Disclaimer: The views expressed are the personal opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.

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how embarrassing to lose your wheels/bearings and shutdown a whole YSA section.