TCL 14: Love is in the air

Since it's spring we thought we would dedicate this week's flight attendant podcast to the search for in-flight romance or - as you will hear - 8 hours of occupied time. Hunter, from the Upgrd podcast and blog, joins us to discuss his dating attempts and Jen and Shelby return to discuss:

  • What "lines" work and what doesn't when trying to get the flight attendant's attention
  • Why back rubs and other personal space invasions are definite no-no's
  • The best approach for asking someone out in-flight
  • Gaydar, stalkers, and more...

If you're a flight attendant and would like to join us on a future episode, please email us at [email protected]

Thanks for listening!

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Hello. This was the first one that I have listened to and I will have to listen to more. What fun! Thanks and keep it up.

Hunter was very good. As bad as he was made out to be, the other things the married/engaged/monogamous people did made his antics tame. I don't see anything wrong with a single guys using all the advantages he has to bear.

Keep up the good work.