TCL 25: Layovers

In this week's travel podcast we take a quick look at what your favorite flight attendants do on their layovers. We are joined by Megan to discuss:
A young Southwest airlines passenger who was allegedly offered sex and drugs Sara's reviews of the towels at Westin hotels What happens on ...

TCL 24: Navy Air Crew

In this week's flight attendant podcast we are joined by Dave (@NavyAirCrewman) to discuss what it's like to be part of the Navy's air crew. In addition Gailen co-hosts along with Bobby and Sara as we discuss:
Whether or not air travel is getting better or worse A recent article on corporate ...

TCL 23: Live from New York!

After six months and 22 episodes we finally met face-to-face to podcast in New York City for the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX). Luckily our friends at the Bowery Boys podcast, let us record in their "studio". We were joined by Sean, a New York City based flight attendant. In addition we took our ...

TCL 22: Deltalina

In this week's flight attendant podcast we are joined by a special guest, the star of the Delta Airlines in-flight safety video, Katherine Lee also known as Deltalina.
With our usual cast of characters we discussed:
The Deltalina name Auditioning for the safety video Katherine's new ...

TCL 21: Gate Keeper

This week's podcast discusses airline gate agent duties. We chat with Virgil who was a gate agent before working as a flight attendant. In the lounge this week:

  • A new segment following the activities of a new-hire flight attendant
  • Gate agent duties and responsibilities including looking after all aspects of pre flight and boarding.
  • The best tips for keeping your family seated together
  • A discussion on trying for upgrades at the gate
  • And more..

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TCL 20: That's Right - Twenty!

A big thank you to all our listeners for helping us make it to this little milestone! In Episode 20 our flight attendant panelists discuss:
Flying mental health including an incident with JetBlue Flight attendant strikes at British Airways and American Airlines A bizarre on board ...

TCL 19: Rolls Like A Dream

Our flight attendants discuss packing and traveling in this week's podcast. We are joined by Brad and Jonathan to discuss secrets of packing and the best luggage and travel equipment. Topics include:
Jonathan's travel steamer instead of ironing, similar to this Jiffy Steamer Sara's roll ...

TCL 18: News and Reviews

In this week's flight attendant podcast we discuss:
Deborah Norville of InsideEdition who ran a story about Flight Attendants - see what our panelists think A Flight Attendant may have helped the winners of CBS's Amazing Race And a review of the "AOL Mystery Flyer" and his/her bizarre ...

TCL 17: Merger Mania

This week we discuss the recent announcement of the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines including:

  • Bobby, Boston and Water
  • The "ugly girl"
  • And questions from listeners

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Disclaimer: The views expressed are the personal opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.

TCL 16: You're Hired!

This week our flight attendant panelists discuss interviewing for flight attendant jobs. Including:

  • Application process
  • Group interviews
  • What to wear, bring, do, and say at a flight attendant interview
  • And some brief discussions of flight attendant training

We hope to see you every week in the lounge, where we'll dish the dirt and give you a peek behind the galley curtain! Remember to check out Sara's blog at

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TCL 15: Crew Positions

This week we are joined, once again, by Jenn and Patti to discuss the different flight attendant roles and positions onboard the aircraft. In addition we discuss:
Bidding for flights based on position The purser or lead flight attendant role Our take on Spirit Airlines' recent announcement ...

TCL 14: Love is in the air

Since it's spring we thought we would dedicate this week's flight attendant podcast to the search for in-flight romance or - as you will hear - 8 hours of occupied time. Hunter, from the Upgrd podcast and blog, joins us to discuss his dating attempts and Jen and Shelby return to discuss:
What ...

TCL 13: Flightmares

In this week's flight attendant podcast we discuss:
Matthew's recent airline diversion to Omaha the differences in working a flight with others or by yourself another inflight disturbance on Jetblue and listener questions about airplane age and its effect on flight crews, bidding by ...

TCL 12: Fly Girls

In this week's flight attendant podcast we discuss the new "reality" show from the CW: Fly Girls. Shelby and Patti join us again to discuss:

  • Did Fly Girls live up to the hype or the bad reviews?
  • Business cards and their uses
  • The British Airways flight attendant strike
  • Orange juice and tequila

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TCL 11: Balls of Fury

At last! Everyone can exhale now, episode 11 is finally here although with a few audio issues.
Sorry for the delay, after missing a week, and a delay in editing the next episode it is now ready. Discussions included:
Skorts Fishnets Bad pickup lines Man sues Canadian ...

TCL 10: Sex, Lies, and YouTube

In our first double digit episode we finally go behind the galley curtain prompted by this week's news, including:
A flight attendant prostitution ring Flight attendant fight Flight attendant photos on a porn site (nsfw!) and funny stories from our panelists Thanks for ...

TCL 9: The grass is not greener

This week we are joined by two former flight attendants - Virgil and Erin. We discuss why they left, what they miss, and why they want to come back. In addition we talk about:
Why Bobby and Sara almost quit Longing for delays, cancellations, and irregular operations. Yes, that's ...

TCL 8: Crew Briefings

This week we are honored to be joined by the "front end" of the aircraft. Kyle and John, two commercial airline pilots, together we discussed:
The pilots view of the flight attendant role crew briefings federal flight deck officers (FFDO) pilot chat during cruise relations between the two ...

TCL 7: Jetiquette from the Sky Steward

This week we are joined by the Sky Steward to discuss Jetiquette and other topics including:
Bidding schedules without seniority Irregular operations during bad weather Flight Attendant pay (or lack thereof!) during irops The Sky Steward's background, website, and Jetiquette program The ...

TCL 6: The Cartel

Welcome to episode six of The Crew Lounge where we discuss flight atttendant schedule bidding. This week we are joined by panelists Shelby and Jenn.
In this week's news
American Airlines is following British Airways' lead by possibly training replacement flight attendants in case of a ...