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Initial Observations on United's New Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

I won't get to witness UA's new UDU program first-hand until Friday (my upgrades are waitlisted, BTW), but my brother traveled from FRA-IAD-LAX on United yesterday. He is a Premier and was traveling on an H-fare--an upper-end Economy ticket.
Sunday is generally not a good day to travel from ...

United Airlines Fails to Smoothly Roll out Unlimited Domestic Upgrades

Just my luck… My business travel landed me a BOS-SFO flight on March 19, 2010, the day United Airlines is set to roll out unlimited domestic upgrades. While I suspected that flights on the 19th would be completely messed up, from an IT systems perspective , I had some hope reserved ...

My biggest concern with United's new upgrade program

We're just five days away from the start of United's new unlimited domestic upgrade program. I'm looking forward to it, though in the back of my mind there is a lingering concern that my perfect upgrade record since I became 1K in 2007 will come to an end.
Although it is rather tedious now to ...

How to Not Get Upgraded on an AA Flight

I'm sitting in the (very lovely) IAD Admirals Club right now as I await my flight to LAX. Unless something crazy happens, I'll be sitting in economy for the first time in six months or so.
Here's the math, according the AAngel at the front desk:
AA only flies 757s on the IAD-LAX ...

Upgrd 41: Free Upgrades for Everyone

Well, not really, but United Airlines is sure trying to give you that impression. Episode 41 is a combination of an episode that we recorded last week, and a second brief recording this morning regarding the new change at United - eliminating the 500 miler requirement for domestic upgrades. In last ...

Should I Even Consider a Switch to American Airlines?

Short answer: probably not.
I sure thought about it yesterday when it became clear that United will be eliminating regional upgrades, but I have calmed down today.
I'm 1/3 of the way toward million-mile status on United, love Star Alliance, and have generally been satisfied with all ...

United's new upgrade policy

Earlier this week United announced that it was going to follow the Continental model of upgrades.  Free for all elites and automatic.   Up until now United and American (with the exception of AA"s top tier) used an "instrument" based upgrade system.
The instruments ...

United Offers Unlimited Domestic Upgradesā€”but there is a catch!

Yesterday United announced it will be implementing a complimentary upgrade scheme starting in Q2 next year. The changes will bring UA's domestic upgrade program closer to those of Continental, US Airways, and Delta.
First, this was posted on FlyerTalk yesterday ...

More on Aadvantage 500 Mile Upgrade "Stickers"

Mike just posted an informative piece about AA's 500-mile upgrade instruments (colloquially called "stickers") that can be used by Gold and Platinum elites.
I wanted to add a few more details... (So read his post first.)
1. Those upgrades get more expensive ($35 instead of $30) ...

Aadvantage 500 Mile Upgrade "Stickers"

A reader wrote in to ask:
"Do you have to use 500 mile coupons for every upgrade?"
As an American Airlines Aadvantage Gold (GLD) or Platinum (PLT) member you need 500 mile upgrade coupons (more affectionately known as "stickers" from the days when they were actually stickers applied to ...

Upgrd 34: First Class Amenities

In this week's episode we discuss first class amenities, pajamas, and all sorts of good stuff up-front. However, without Ben our conversation lacked some details. So please help us out and post your favorite amenities and photos. In addition to the main topic we discussed:
Continental's ...

Upgrd 31: Friends Don't Let Friends Fly Coach

I should rename this episode: "the one that made my computer crash". But I think I already did that. Please join us for this (late) edition of Upgrd where we discuss the news and playing travel agent for friends, work, and family. In addition we discuss:

  • Pet Airways
  • Matthew's Trip Back
  • and more...