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Watch Those United Upgrades on Continental Codeshares!

While the Continental/United integration process remains a work in progress, one benefit that we saw almost immediately after the merger was reciprocal upgrades on the two carriers. But based on what happened to me today, this technology has not been perfected and it would benefit you to keep a ...

US Airways to Add First Class in Regional Jets Among Other Improvements

US Airways finally realized they were uncompetitive with the other legacy carriers.  Until now they have avoided any real investment in their domestic product, and have even been stripping benefits and service from their domestic fleet (remember, they did not offer glassware for domestic First ...

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress - Orlando, FL - Review

I had the pleasure to stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL. To sum it up, WOW. I was very impressed with this hotel, the grounds, the staff, the rooms, and the Regency Club all very much impressed. The size of this hotel is also just impressive, and the grounds around the hotel ...

UA/CO -European Cross-Fleeting starting soon..

Looks like some of the changes they hope we are going to like are coming soon. United and Continental will be starting some European Cross-Fleeting. In June 2011 the cross-fleeting on European operation will begin, where some CO routes replaced by UNITED aircraft and vice ...
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Review of the Hilton Mainz - After its Renovations

Hilton has two hotels in Mainz Germany, and the Hilton Mainz on the banks of the Rhine River is just about done a Multi-Million Euro refurbishment. The other Hilton in the City “The Hilton Mainz City” was renovated about 5 years ago. The changes are very dramatic! Here is a before and ...
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Review: The Hilton Warsaw - Very Happy Guest!

I just completed my fourth stay at the Hilton Warsaw in Poland, and consistency is the best way to describe my past experiences, this place is a top hotel, with wonderful Diamond recognition, great room upgrades, really nice executive lounge, and a staff that is truly there for you. My first stay ...

The Difference Between Pending and Waitlisted Upgrades on United

A reader recently asked me to explain the difference between a pending upgrade and a waitlisted uprade on United Airlines.
It's really quite simple: pending means that you are outside the time limit for a waitlist to clear. Waitlist means you are within the time limit and if an upgrade seat ...

Why the 2011 United/Continental Elite Program Isn't the End of the World

Reading some of the responses on Flyertalk today after United announced changes to the Mileage Plus program for 2011, you would think the world was coming to an end.
Relax. I'm not happy about the changes either, but we may have dodged a bullet and the changes are really not that ...

Upgrd 73: Delta Is [Blank]

In this week's travel podcast we are joined again by our newest blogger Gene to discuss the new Delta Airlines now that the Northwest merger has been in progress for some time. Play along and try to guess Gene's thoughts that finish these sentences...
The Delta Airlines Diamond Medallion ...

Do You Suffer from Upgrade Phobia?

I've got a bad condition. I call it upgrade phobia. While I don't fear upgrades themselves, I fear missing them and I stress out over them even when I know I'll probably get the upgrade in the end.
While I hate sweating out something as inconsequential as an upgrade, I do. I lose sleep when I ...

Upgraded in midflight on United – Weirdest flight ever

I was on the UNITED IAD to Amsterdam flight yesterday and It was the weirdest flight ever. The flight was operated by a B777 in the old configuration, I used a systemwide to upgrade from Y and also sponsored a friend. We were seated in the mini – C cabin in row 9 He had the isle and I had the ...

Early Deposit of 2011 Systemwide Upgrades Available on United

United is now offering to deposit 2011 Systemwide Upgrades in your account as soon as you earn them.
Register today to receive your Systemwide Upgrades early
If you have already qualified for 1K® status in 2011, you can choose to have your six Systemwide Upgrades deposited into your ...

United's new sales pitch: upgrade for cheap(er) NOW

Always looking for a way to make a few dollars (and I certainly cannot blame them), United is now hawking paid upgrades when you buy your ticket.
I bought this ticket a few days ago and received this "special premium seating" offer after I clicked through on the final purchase ...

I let a SWU expire!

I've always kept a close watch on my upgrade balance in the past, but since United's unlimited domestic upgrade (UDU) program started earlier this year, I have not had the need to use any of my banked upgrade instruments.
I was thinking about that this morning and decided to check my balance. ...

TCL 21: Gate Keeper

This week's podcast discusses airline gate agent duties. We chat with Virgil who was a gate agent before working as a flight attendant. In the lounge this week:

  • A new segment following the activities of a new-hire flight attendant
  • Gate agent duties and responsibilities including looking after all aspects of pre flight and boarding.
  • The best tips for keeping your family seated together
  • A discussion on trying for upgrades at the gate
  • And more..

If you're a flight attendant and would like to join us on a future episode, please email us at [email protected]



Continental Announces Elite Upgrades on Award Tickets for Credit Card Holders

Scott O'Leary, Continental's Managing Director of Customer Experience and a former guest on UPGRD, confirmed on Flyertalk yesterday that elite members who hold a Continental Chase Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus MasterCard will be eligible for complimentary upgrades on award tickets starting ...

Upgrd 60: Los Angeles

Thank you for your patience as we edited our most recent frequent flyer videocast. We met in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and discussed:
the news (current at that time!) our first class upgrade success thus far this year the people of SLC and Matthew did an intro ...

Continental vs Delta: The Upgrades

Upgrades are one of the most popular perk amongst elite travelers so I'm going to touch on it first.

The biggest thing that lured me over was the upgrades.  See, at this point my only experience was with United and upgrades at United weren't exactly ...

My First Experience with United's Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

Yesterday, I flew from PHL-LAX via IAD and MSY. I purchased the ticket a week ago and was on an M-fare (a relatively pricey Economy fare). IAD-MSY-LAX was operated by an A319 with only eight First Class seats, making my chance of an upgrade more tenuous.
My IAD-MSY upgrade cleared about 48 ...