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Protecting Your Upgrade on United Airlines

Tomorrow is a big day and I could really use a flat bed tonight to fly across the country. The problem: United's international-config 757s have only 16 seats in BusinessFirst and 153 in economy class, a bad ratio for upgrading a hub-hub transcon route.
Nevertheless, I do stand a ...

Getting Bumped on Delta Just Got Worse For Elites - No More Y Class Upgrades

As much as I love Delta, I also love to hate them! I love 90% of their in flight crew, I think they have some of the best IFE and planes for a domestic carrier (even if they are old at least they are refurbished) and have a great global route map! My upgrades from San Diego clear about 70% of the ...

No Upgrade Tonight!

I have not had to sit in the "back of the bus" on a United Airlines transcon flight since the merger, but tonight I will break my perfect upgrade record...by choice.
Tomorrow will be a full day of work and there was "R" (confirmable upgrade space) available on my United flight until just a few ...

How to get an Easy 1st class Upgrade On Delta

If you have Elite Status this tip is for you and it doesn’t matter if you’re Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Elite!
As a frequent flyer, the best part of flying is flying in the front of the plane. Sure, economy isn’t bad when you get an economy comfort or exit row seat; it ...

Upgraded on Alaska

 Alaska and Delta have greatly expanded their partnership and frequent flyer cooperation and mutual benefits since Delta and NWA merged in 2008. However for the first time last week I received and upgrade to first class on Alaska using my Delta’s Gold Elite Status!  Back when ...

Upgrading a Held Reservation on American Airlines

I finally bit the bullet and booked my first flight on American Airlines--it was either standby on United or a remarkably great $187 r/t ticket on American for my trip from Washington to Los Angeles this weekend. But it was not just the price on American that impressed me, it was the upgrade ...

United.com Restores "Expert" Mode

After intense pressure from frequent flyers, United Airlines backed down and agreed to restore the ability to view upgrade availability online last week. Today, that functionality is back. Similar to the way it was for the pre-merger united.com, however, you must opt-in to view the fare ...

United Improves Upgrade Transparency...Kind Of

United Airlines has taken a step in the right direction in introducing a new upgrade display that at least allows you to see that you are on the complimentary upgrade list for a flight.

No, I'd prefer to call...
Prior to this, elites waiting for complimentary ugprades would not ...

UNITED Airlines Upgrade System Still Broke - Tips to get your upgrade!

Well it is clear to must that United upgrade system is broken. Matthew posted about this a week or so ago. I’m also like Matthew and this UA knows they have problems and the fix it to make it harder to passengers to see “R” space on UA flights. “R” is the booking class ...

On-board American Airlines - A Weekend Mileage Run to Ft. Lauderdale

With the end of the year drawing closer, and my schedule become quite busy, it's been difficult for me to find enough time to take an extra couple of trips on AA to requalify for my Executive Platinum (EXP) status. I was able to take advantage of the Double Elite Qualifying Mile (DEQM) promotion in ...

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki - A Review of a fantastic Hotel

Impressed is all I can say about this hotel. I have always been impressed with Hyatt hotel’s around the world but for some reason the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki was one that I will remember more then the rest. I think the main reason for this is the staff, it was clear everyone working at ...

The Real Reason United Removed Online Upgrade Inventory

Yesterday, I posited three theories seeking to explain why United removed the display of upgrade inventory from united.com. I have a fourth one--and my experience today demonstrates why it is most likely the correct one. The reason is not a discrepancy in space displayed versus space available. Nor ...

United’s Foolish Attempt to Shield Online Upgrade Inventory

Count me as one of the angered ones over United Airlines’ recent decision to no longer display upgrade fare buckets online. The move was shortsighted and will quickly prove itself counterproductive.
Shannon Kelly, UA Insider on Flyertalk and MilePoint, posted this message on Friday ...

Trying to use a Regional Upgrade Cert on United

Tonight, I am flying home from the Philippines (sad face) to return to the “western” and “developed” world. Since I did not qualify for Platinum Elite status while under my 90 days status match with United, first class was 100% out of the question.  I am somewhat glad I ...

A good experience flying United--new 767-300 configuration in BusinessFirst

Most news regarding United lately has been almost uniformly negative both on this website and in other news reports.  From computer system failures, maintenance delays, and customer service snafus, it has been tough on United passengers, as well as employees.  I have experienced plenty of ...

A Suite Stay in Prague

It is always good to return to one of my favorite hotels in Europe; The Hilton Prague is just one of those hotels that never lets me down.
I have praised this hotel in the past for having one of the best hotel executive lounges hands down.
My last stay I was pleased to get an ...

Did I Screw Up the Upgrade Queue on My LAX-DEN United Flight?

After posting about the intrigue surrounding United Airline's complimentary upgrade process yesterday, reader Dan left this insightful comment:
It's very simple -- there is someone ahead of you in the CPU queue who has a ticket 'out of sync' issue. This prevents the entire CPU process from ...

Part II: My first Flight EVER On United IAH-SAN

After my short hop from Birmingham, Alabama to Houston, I had a 1 hour layover and then was on my way home to San Diego. I landed at Terminal B and had to transfer to terminal C. I honestly thought an hour lay over would be plenty of time, but I found myself somewhat rushed. The Houston airport is ...

It Pay$ to be loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part III

It Pays to be Loyal – Delta last my upgrade?! Part I
It Pays to be Loyal – Delta lost my upgrade?! Part II
After a system glitch with the Fly Delta ...