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Did I Screw Up the Upgrade Queue on My LAX-DEN United Flight?


After posting about the intrigue surrounding United Airline's complimentary upgrade process yesterday, reader Dan left this insightful comment:

It's very simple -- there is someone ahead of you in the CPU queue who has a ticket 'out of sync' issue. This prevents the entire CPU process ...


United to bring back 500 milers

If this page is any indication of what the future holds, then we'll see the return of United's 500 mile certificates.

In reality, it's likely an aged page that was never removed.  Unfortunately .bomb is cluttered with these types of items which makes getting reliable information a ...


Please take your assigned seat

To all the battlefield upgraders, yes, it is an inconvenience for me to change my seat.  Just by asking, you put me in an awkward spot.  Do I stay in the seat that I chose and wanted while being a jerk, or do I inconvenience myself and sacrifice my choice just so you can sit ...


RE: What United Giveth, United Taketh Away

Earlier today, I blogged about my confirmed upgrade from IAD-BOS mysteriously disappearing overnight.

From what I gathered at Dulles this morning, someone with a fat-finger in inventory management accidentally cleared all the waitlisted upgrades last night (to put it in the terms of the ...


What United Giveth, United Taketh Away

I'm scratching my head as I sit in the Philadelphia Red Carpet Club this morning. I've got a meeting in Boston today and am traveling from PHL-IAD-BOS. Last night, I got a text message from United that my upgrade from IAD-BOS cleared. Great! Usually when an upgrade clears after you check-in, you ...

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Darn Those T-Fares on United...

I missed another upgrade this week. Although I've got more SWUs and CR-1s than I know what to do with, I figured I'd have no trouble clearing an A320 (12 first class seats) on a Monday night Denver to Philadelphia flight that was was F9, NF9 at the the 1K window. I was wrong.

There must ...


I let a SWU expire!

I've always kept a close watch on my upgrade balance in the past, but since United's unlimited domestic upgrade (UDU) program started earlier this year, I have not had the need to use any of my banked upgrade instruments.

I was thinking about that this morning and decided to check my ...

Missed My First Upgrade in Two Years on United!

After going 8/8 with United’s new UDU program and not missing a requested upgrade in over two years (going back to my days a Premier Executive) I failed to clear on a SFO-PHL flight this afternoon. The transcon was operated by an A320 with 12 seats in First Class and I was on a L-fare, so ...

My First Experience with United's Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

Yesterday, I flew from PHL-LAX via IAD and MSY. I purchased the ticket a week ago and was on an M-fare (a relatively pricey Economy fare). IAD-MSY-LAX was operated by an A319 with only eight First Class seats, making my chance of an upgrade more tenuous.

My IAD-MSY upgrade cleared about ...


Initial Observations on United's New Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

I won't get to witness UA's new UDU program first-hand until Friday (my upgrades are waitlisted, BTW), but my brother traveled from FRA-IAD-LAX on United yesterday. He is a Premier and was traveling on an H-fare--an upper-end Economy ticket.

Sunday is generally not a good day to travel ...


Upgrd 41: Free Upgrades for Everyone

Well, not really, but United Airlines is sure trying to give you that impression. Episode 41 is a combination of an episode that we recorded last week, and a second brief recording this morning regarding the new change at United - eliminating the 500 miler requirement for domestic upgrades. In ...