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Kicking Myself for Rookie Mistake—Live from 40K Feet

I am currently 40K feet above the ground en route from JFK to SFO, just finished Inglorious Basterds (didn't like it), and I thought I'd try out United's GoGo internet service. I'm impressed.
My 1100 flight was oversold and I added myself to the volunteer list and told the gate agent that I ...

Continental's Biggest Weakness

As most listeners know, I'm a very big fan of Continental Airlines and they are my preferred carrier.  As background, I've been a Continental platinum for eleven years, so I 
have a bit of experience with them.  That said, their biggest weakness is Irregular Opeations or IRROPS ...

Recap: Two Bumps, SilverKris Lounge, and the SFO Red Roof Inn

I reported yesterday that I scored a bump on my Sunday SFO-PHL flight and was rebooked in First Class on a non-stop flight this morning. The flight was oversold again and I happily gave up my seat for another $600 voucher. I was rebooked into Baltimore this afternoon and now will have to find my way ...

Another $600 Bump

And my SFO-PHL flight is oversold again today.

More details later. 


Wish I was Traveling on UA Today

For all you folks traveling to IAD today: I am jealous. Talk about the holy grail of VDB opportunities...

It appears United is handling the situation well. I applaud the employees who are volunteering to put in some extra hours to help people get where they need to go during this busy pre-Christmas travel period.

I look forward to being back in the air tomorrow.



When Standby Doesn't Pay Off on United

I'm in a bit of a bind this weekend thanks to the winter storms that will be hitting the East Coast tomorrow.
I booked a Sunday morning return from Burbank to Philadelphia via SFO because it was half the price of the evening/redeye I wanted. As I usually do, I planned to just standby for my ...

Another Reason Not to Check Bags on United

As if the $25 fee wasn't enough...
First off, I decided to go with the quickest option, a one-stop through Chicago, and everything went smoothly. The upgrades cleared, the service was good, and the flights were on time.
I was assigned seat 4A on the ORD-LAX flight and as I was getting ...

Travel Dilemma for Tomorrow on United

I am confirmed in First Class on the evening non-stop from Philadelphia to Los Angeles tomorrow on United but need to come home in the morning due to a family emergency that has arisen. No bumps tomorrow...
There are no nonstop options in the morning so I am trying to figure out the best way to ...

Merry Christmas, or How to Split the Baby

So I'm about to be off the Australia, and I'll be sure to report on the 77L flat bed experience.  I really enjoyed the 76D flat beds, and I have little doubt that the equivalent will be better.
In thinking about everything, and buoyed by CO's recent addition of system wide upgrades, I've ...

I Survived My Trip on Mesa Air!

Despite an unresolved mechanical delay that cost me 40 minutes at Washington Dulles today, I was pleased with my travel experience on Mesa.
Last time I flew Mesa, I witnessed a FA cuss out a passenger because his bag would not fit in the overhead compartment. With that in mind along ...

Upgrd 48: Blogging for Nuts

Last week we recorded episode 48 where we discussed some recent blog posts including:

  • Matthew's recent bumps
  • Josh finally finding good food
  • Machu Pichu
  • Damian's upcoming cruise trip report
  • and Fozz's trip to the night club

No  recording this week, so please check out the discussion regarding Continental's system wide upgrade announcement and other news in the blogs.


A Day of Flying on United Express

I am traveling to Alabama today and am taking two United Express flights to get there, one on Trans States and one on Mesa (aka Messy Air). Hopefully I’ll make it!
Actually, I agree with Gray’s assessment of travel on United Express (detailed in a humorous recount of his regional ...

United Orders 25 A350s and 25 787s

United announced today it will split its wide-body order evenly between Airbus and Boeing and has placed a firm order for 25 A350s and 25 787s.
Justifying the split order, United stated:
The breadth in size and capabilities of the different aircraft models ensure the company has the ...

All I Want for Christmas is...Another Bump on United

Well, not really, but last week I booked a nice little MR to get me back to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve and was pleased to find that the Economy cabin is now zeroed out more than 2.5 weeks before the trip on my JFK-SFO flight.

Inventory changes constantly so I am not celebrating yet, but I did thing it merited a post. Unfortunately, I am waitlisted for an upgrade to Business Class and have a middle seat in Economy. I'd dare say my situation is worse than Lucky's earlier this year: at least he had an aisle seat. Let's hope the upgrade comes through at the last minute. Better yet, let's hope for another bump. Six hours is a long time to spend in United Economy...


I Feel "Tiger Woods Dirty"

Yeah, I did what I never wanted to do, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 
Here are my thoughts:
1) The RCC product is a tie with the SkyClub product in my opinion.  Both the SFO and SAN RCCs were very nice and had a better food selection than the SkyClub.  The RCC people ...

No, I Actually Wasn't Kidding

And, I'll tell you what else sucks:  I logged into my UA account, and while I could see the itinerary, I couldn't check in without entering the confirmation number / last name thing.  Presumably because this trip is tagged to my CO number.  But that still sucks, especially because I booked the trip on UA.com.


Comparing Dinner on Alaska, Continental, Delta, United, and US Airways

With the exception of American Airlines, I have been fortunate enough to fly in the forward cabins on each of America’s legacy carriers.
While seat comfort, service, route network, and most importantly mileage program will likely be more determinate in choosing an airline, I take meal ...

Too Fat to Fly? Dealing with Passengers of Size

     photo credit to Flightglobal.com
Discussing overweight passengers is like discussing politics or religion around the Thanksgiving dinner table with family: generally not a good idea.
When I saw the picture above, though, I felt compelled to address the issue. ...