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After Blogging About Bumps, I Get Bumped Off a United Express Flight

Yesterday I blogged about a LA Times story bemoaning the fact that more passengers are being bumped off of flights.
Just an hour after posting, I got a bump of my own. My Sunday evening IAD-PHL flight was zeroed out, but I wasn't expecting to be bumped (based on past flights that had been ...

Russian Visa Confusion Nearly Curtails My Mileage Run on United Airlines

I showed up at PHL early this morning to check in for my trip to Moscow because I had a future ticketing issue to take care of. It's a good thing I did: I nearly missed my first flight.
First of all, the check-in lines were crazy this morning and UA was noticeably understaffed. Plus the ...

United Airlines CEO: More mergers on the way - clever analysts agree

The Chicago Tribune reports that United Airlines CEO Glenn Tilton predicted that there will be more airline mergers in the next two years. Shocking I know. Even more shocking is this statement from the article:
Analysts think that is likely.
Those crazy analysts. This must be why they ...
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United Adds Chicago to Port-au-Prince Flights to Aid in Earthquake Relief

United is stepping up to help relief efforts in Haiti.
Starting Wednesday [yesterday], United Airlines plans to begin relief flights that will ship water and other badly needed supplies to earthquake-ravaged Haiti and return, red-tape permitting, filled with far more precious cargo: ...

mySmoothie: My New Favorite Drink on United

United has really improved their BOB offerings over the last year. Adding tasty salads and sandwiches, vegetarian options, enhanced snack boxes, and premium alcohol has made UA the leading domestic legacy carrier when it comes to onboard dining in Economy, with the possible exception of Continental, ...

UA Agent Says United Doesn't Fly to Los Angeles!

I stopped by the United counters at PHL this afternoon to book a couple tickets and happened to pick up on a conversation to my right as the agent assisting me was trying to figure out how to book a ticket (it had been a few years, she claimed).
A man walks up to the Economy check-in entrance ...

My $671 Mileage Run on United

Against my better judgment (and the advice of Lucky), I booked a MR on United from Philadelphia to Moscow next weekend—out Saturday via Dulles, two hours on the ground in Moscow, and right back to Philadelphia.
I am sitting on quite a few vouchers from various sources, had no plans for ...

TCL 3: The Off Position

Welcome to The Crew Lounge. Joining us on this weeks flight attendant podcast is Jenn, Johan, and Amelia. We added a new segment to the show called, "miscommunications." It is a chance for us to explain where your crew is coming from. I really think if you understand the reasons behind the rules and ...

Maximizing Your Chances to Effectively Use Your Miles

Scott McCartney has a decent Middle Seat column today in the WSJ on how to maximize your chances to redeem frequent flyer miles.
A couple sections particularly caught my eye:
On the airline side, road warriors suggest checking alliance Web sites—StarAlliance.com, oneWorld.com and ...

Upgrd 51: Psychic Predictions

This week's frequent flyer podcast covers some news and our predictions for 2010. If last year's predictions are any indication only thing I can predict with certainty is how broken our crystal balls are. We discussed:
Continental CEO forgoes pay until profitable ...

I've Found a Star Alliance Lounge (Spanair) Worse than United's!

While waiting for my Lufthansa flight from Madrid to Frankfurt this morning, I had a chance to sample the Spanair Lounge. I will post pictures in my upcoming trip report, but I was shocked at the total lack of food in what was an otherwise nice lounge.
The seats were comfortable, there ...

Travel Goals for 2010

Note: Sorry this is one day late. I hate some issues with finding a wi-fi connection in Algecias, Spain last night. I am currently sitting in a train station in Tangier, Morocco waiting for my overnight train to Marrakech.
A new year and a new decade is upon us and it is fitting that I lay ...

It's the small things that matter

They say that it's the small things that matter and they couldn't be right.
I'm currently in BCN on my way back to New York.  I flew Delta out and am flying Air France back.
On my departure out of JFK, I learned that Delta does not priority tag companion ...

Year in Review (and what a great year of travel it has been!)

It is currently 0250 on New Year's Day in Lisbon and I just got back to my hostel (rather early because of my morning bus trip) from New Year's festivities near the waterfront.
It's late and I don't want to bore with you an exasperated recount of my travels this year, but here's a quick ...

Upgrd 50: The Big Five Oh

As 2009 comes to a close we record our thoughts on the year and review our predictions from January.  Due to the holidays we were unable to get everyone online at the same time. So Matt, Matthew, Fozz, Mike and a special guest recorded when we could. So be prepared for people coming in and out of the conversation.

We are not recording again until the later in the first week of January, so look for the next Upgrd podcast shortly thereafter. In the mean time make sure you check out the first episode of The Crew Lounge which will be online shortly after the new year.

Thank you to all our readers, listeners and guests for making 2009 a great year!


Christmas Greetings and a Salute to United's Fantasy Flight

I used Thanksgiving day to express my thanks to particular people at United for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and I want to use this Christmas Day post to commend United for their annual Fantasy Flight to the North Pole. 
For the last 16 years, a handful of United ...