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United Delays Launch of Dulles - Lagos, Nigeria Route

Bad news for those of you who took advantage of UA's introductory fares to Nigeria:
United Airlines said it will delay the start of planned flights to Lagos, Nigeria, because of regulatory issues.
The flights had been set to start this spring. Nigeria's acting president dissolved the ...

Nearly Denied Boarding on TACA...and this wasn't an oversell situation

I guess it was a bad idea to identify myself as a blogger and start taking pictures onboard my TACA flight from San Salvador to Washington Dulles earlier this evening.

The way the purser ran into the cockpit to "rat me out" to the Captain was disconcerting. Maybe it was the fact that I haven't shaved in a week?

I made back to the States, but not before a good scolding for violating "security policy" by taking pictures onboard. I wonder if the UA and TACA pursers went to the same training school? You know, the one where you get to make up your own rules...

Full report with pictures later in the week. Overall, I was pleased with TACA.


A Day in the Life of a United Airlines Customer Relations Representative

Few things are more irksome to me than writing to an airline about a problem and receiving a form letter in return that does not address my concerns and sometimes is so poorly constructed grammatically that I have to wonder if the letters are all generated by non-native speakers even though they ...

Flying East: Day or Night Flying?

I travel frequently between the East Coast and Southern California and have flown east almost exclusively on redeyes the last three years.
A few weeks ago, I decided to fly during the day instead so I could get more than a couple hours sleep that night.
My thoughts on day flying vs. night ...

Surprise Surprise - Continental and United "Talking" again

The New York times is reporting that Continental Airlines is reopening merger talks with United. As we know, United has also allegedly been speaking with US Airways. But as we have all commented on our podcast, Continental has long been the favored partner.
Continental Airlines has ...

American: We're Not Matching USAir's Double EQMs.

A lot of us have been speculating (praying?) that the other big airlines will match US Air's current double EQM promotion. UA and AA ran similar promotions for the past couple of years, and a lot of us (especially those of us who are unsure we'll be able to re-acquire top tier status) were hoping it ...

United Eliminates Free Standby for Premier Executives and Below

United will eliminate free unconfirmed standby starting on April 28. Passengers wishing to take an earlier flight will be charged $50 if they clear the standby list. Passengers can still confirm a seat on an earlier or later flight (within a three hour departure window, as long as space is ...

United and US Airways in Merger Talks...Again

Here we go again:
UAL Corp.'s United Airlines and US Airways Group Inc. have resumed discussions of a potential merger that would create a global behemoth, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
The talks are the latest in a decadelong dance between the two big ...

Spirit Airlines to Charge for Carry-On Bags

And we thought Ryanair was bad...
That lumpy person seated next to you on your next Spirit Airlines flight may not be so large in real life.
The budget carrier announced Tuesday it will begin charging a fee of up to $45 for each piece of carry-on luggage placed in overhead bins. The fees ...

TCL 13: Flightmares

In this week's flight attendant podcast we discuss:
Matthew's recent airline diversion to Omaha the differences in working a flight with others or by yourself another inflight disturbance on Jetblue and listener questions about airplane age and its effect on flight crews, bidding by ...

More Details Emerge About the Diversion to Omaha on United 142

More details have emerged about what exactly happened on my diverted United flight to Omaha:
Charges filed Tuesday in federal district court in Nebraska identify the woman as Maria Rita Manzoni. Authorities seek to formally charge her with interfering with a flight crew and its attendants ...

RIP Fuel Dump

Thanks to the brilliant minds at airfarewatchdog.com, the fuel dump is no more.
For those unaware of what a "fuel dump" is, it is removing the fuel surcharge from a fare--often more than $200-300.
There were many ways to do this and it worked for many airlines, but the easiest ...
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Comparing Clubs: Delta and United

We talk about this stuff a lot, but I thought I might share my evaluation of clubs for the airlines I frequently fly.  Some common factors (like being crowded on Sundays) are not included.  Comments, as always, are welcome.

My First Experience with United's Unlimited Domestic Upgrade Program

Yesterday, I flew from PHL-LAX via IAD and MSY. I purchased the ticket a week ago and was on an M-fare (a relatively pricey Economy fare). IAD-MSY-LAX was operated by an A319 with only eight First Class seats, making my chance of an upgrade more tenuous.
My IAD-MSY upgrade cleared about 48 ...

Bad News For Us: A Discussion on Airline Mistake Fares

Nicholas Kralev's mistake fare column was superior because it featured yours truly, but Scott McCartney's latest column on mistake fares is well done.
I particularly liked this:
UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, Continental Airlines Inc., Southwest ...