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My Brother's Observation from United First

My younger brother is not a frequent flyer, but I spoil him when he does fly and he usually ends up in First Class. We exchanged the following text messages today before his United flight:
HIM: Douchebag in 1A upon being offered water or oj: “I want a cup of decaf” FA ...

TCL 17: Merger Mania

This week we discuss the recent announcement of the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines including:

  • Bobby, Boston and Water
  • The "ugly girl"
  • And questions from listeners

If you're a flight attendant and would like to join us on a future episode, please email us at FA@upgrd.com.

Thanks for listening!


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Hawaiian Airlines Wins Approval for New Honolulu-Tokyo Haneda Route

Hawaiian Airlines will begin daily service from Honolulu to Tokyo Haneda this October, after winning approval for the new route from the DOT on Friday.
With the "Open Skies" pact signed by the US and Japan last December, Hawaiian, Delta, and American plan to begin service from the ...

US Airways Takes Offense to Jeff Smisek's Poetic Flourish

The Wall Street Journal has been quite humorous this week in covering the UA-CO merger:
Two years ago, Continental Airlines Inc. spurned United Airlines' proposal to marry, believing the time wasn't right.
On Monday, Jeff Smisek, Continental's chairman and chief executive, said ...

Glenn Tilton says bloggers have too much time on their hands

Glenn Tilton joined Richard Quest on CNN today to discuss the United-Continental merger. As reported on Flyertalk, 
The last question Quest had was: "On the internet bloggers are all over this merger. Flyertalkers are having a hard time determining if one airline is destroying the ...

Continental and United release details

In a press release this morning, Continental and United officially announced their intentions to merge and released some details.  Additionally they've launched a website for the merger here.
It's already evident that this isn't another Delta/Northwest.  In that case, it ...

Continental and United agree to merge.


The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Continental and United have agreed to merge.  The merger was approved by both companies respective board of directors and is supposed to be announced tomorrow morning.

As a loyal flyer of both I'm truly sad to see this happen.  While the big-wigs want to tout consolidation as neccesary, it is never good from a consumer standpoint as it reduces competition. 

The link toe the Chronicle article is here.

We'll see what the details are tomorrow, but this is definitely some sad news.


United Will Buy Continental for $3.2BN

Numerous media outlets are reporting that the UA-CO merger has been finalized.
UAL Corp, parent of United Airlines, will buy Continental Airlines Inc. for $3.2 billion, forming the world's largest carrier in a merger that further shrinks the embattled U.S. airline industry ...

Does Houston Win Even if New UA-CO HQs is in Chicago?

We still don't have an official announcement about a merger, but numerous news stories hint that an agreement has been reached and a formal announcement is imminent.
Many in Houston are moaning about losing jobs if the new airline is based in Chicago, but Loren Steffy of the Houston Chronicle ...

SFO-NRT-BKK My First Experience in United International Business Class

I guess it’s been about four years since I first started traveling extensively for work. I’ve been a United 1K for most of that time, and that makes sense as I’m at about 400,000 lifetime miles. However, most of those miles have been earned on domestic routes! In fact, ...

United Records First Operating Profit since 2000

It's been a decade since United reported a first quarter operating profit, but in a sign that the airline industry is recovering, UA reported a $58MN operating profit today.
Still, UA lost $82MN or $0.49/share overall--a big improvement over their $382MN loss a year earlier, but still a ...

New Obstacle in United-Continental Merger

With both CAL and UAUA rising (though United is rising more quickly), a new roadblock has arisen in merger talks:
...The two sides disagree over the value of the share prices that would be used to calculate a stock transaction leading to a merger.
The Times, which cited "people ...

Merge By May? United and Continental Talks Heat Up

image courtesy Wall Street Journal
We all knew the "talks" between US and UA were just a ruse:
Negotiations between UAL Corp.'s United Airlines and Continental Airlines Inc. are picking up pace, with parties believing a merger ...

Missed My First Upgrade in Two Years on United!

After going 8/8 with United’s new UDU program and not missing a requested upgrade in over two years (going back to my days a Premier Executive) I failed to clear on a SFO-PHL flight this afternoon. The transcon was operated by an A320 with 12 seats in First Class and I was on a L-fare, so it ...

Comparing In-Flight: Delta and United

Today we look at the actual in-flight experience.  No gate agents, ground service, clubs, etc. - just the moment from foot in the door of the plane to foot out the door.

The Full Southwest Comparison

On this week's UPGRD podcast, Matt contributed to one of the more popular myths about Southwest Airlines.
He said, "If you're a consultant who travels between LA and San Francisco each week, it [Southwest] is pretty much your only good option."
Matt's point (and the seeming ...