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Should United De-Hub Los Angeles? No, And It Won't.

Cranky Flier argues that United has abandoned its Los Angeles hub in a piece entitled Should United De-Hub Los Angeles? It Already Has. The article is worth a read and presents some fascinating stats, but Cranky ultimately gets his analysis wrong: a more strategic and profitable flight ...

Odd New Commercial from United Airlines

United Airlines has released a commercial highlighting its new Polaris Business Class product, which will begin to roll out later this year. The commercial is well-done with great music and visuals but the strangely exotic, British narration strikes me as odd.
Instead of Matt Damon, United's ...

United Club Pass Giveaway

I have 2 United Club One-time passes to give away.  Sorry for the short notice.  I actually forgot I had these, and with no need to use them before they expire, I wanted to share with my readers.  These are only good for a few more weeks, but still can be used after expiry, albeit ...

United Surprise and Delight Program Surprises and Delights Me

United Airlines began a "Surprise and Delight" program last year as an effort to surprise "High Value Flyers" (HVFs -- essentially those who spend a lot of money on tickets) with complimentary upgrades, sometimes cleared weeks in advance. The program has expanded beyond upgrades to other ...

Sneak Preview of United Polaris Dining Menu

"240 new entrees. 96 new appetizers. 48 new salads."
United describes its new Polaris Business Class menu as a "complete redesign of the culinary experience". Earlier today, a group of FAs in Chicago had a chance to sample the food and I am hearing that everyone was impressed.
Sample ...

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The United MileagePlus X App!

The United MileagePlus X app (available for Apple and Android) was released a few years ago but surprisingly, I find some people still have no idea what it is or how it can be used to double and triple dip on earning miles and points for your everyday purchases. This post will show that you ...

Unpacking the Latest United MileagePlus Changes

United has announced "enhancements" to its United MileagePlus program starting this fall and as usual, the enhancements are anything but enhancements. Here's what I do not understand -- why can't United just call a devaluation a devaluation? Claiming stopovers are "too confusing" United ...

United Pilot Calls For Hillary Clinton to be Executed

A United Airlines pilot has suggested via Twitter that Hillary Clinton should be hanged for treason. First Officer Michael Folk serves part-time in the West Virginia House of Delegates and part time flying for United Airlines as a First Officer. Folk's remarks have been met with ...

American Airlines Can't Prioritize Gate Checked Bags

I’m still mostly content with my decision to switch from United to American as my primary carrier for business travels mostly in North America.  One area of frustration has been when forced to gate check a bag.  American just can’t seem to get it right.
Valet ...

Why I Love International Connections at Washington Dulles

Some airports needlessly receive a bad wrap and Washington Dulles is one of them. IAD is often attacked by United flyers for the unsightly "temporary" terminal that has now been present for more than two decades. It's true -- the United terminal is ugly -- but international connections at ...

United Airlines Will Unveil New Business Class Seat Today

In an event that will seemingly mimic an Apple WWDC, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz will hold a "major media event" this evening in New York City's Gotham Hall. Expect the unveiling of a "totally new premium product experience" including a new business class seat.
Here's what we ...

United Airlines Team USA Amenity Kits

Earlier this week I wrote about a new United Airlines safety video that celebrates United's partnership with Team USA in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. A flight attendant passed on news to me that beginning this month United will also offer passengers in United BusinessFirst, GlobalFirst special ...

United Airlines 2016 Olympics Safety Video

United Airlines has released a new Olympic-themed safety video ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio.

Apparently it has been around for a few weeks, but it did not appear on any of my flights until just a couple days ago. As usual it is well done with some moments of humor. United is a perennial sponsor of Team USA but doesn't rub it in, at least until the final moments of the video.

Reflections on Captain Denny Flanagan

Captain Denny Flanagan walks out of O'Hare Airport on May 26, 2016
On Tuesday May 31, Captain Denny Flanagan will pilot his final flight for United Airlines. The four-hour flight from Seattle to Chicago will be filled with family, press, and some of his most loyal fans. I will not be on ...

Remembering My Million Miler Flight on United Airlines

In the 757-200 Flight Deck prior to my Million Miler flight with United Airlines for the obligatory staged photo taken by Captain Denny Flanagan
Earning Million Miler status with United Airlines just after turning 27 was no easy feat, but I think my young age helped to explain how I ...

United Cuts Service to Lagos, Last Link to Africa

Faced with depressed demand thanks to persistently low fuel prices, United is suspending its flight from Houston to Lagos, Nigeria effective June 30, 2016. Having already abandoned Accra, Ghana, United will lose its last link to Africa. United will redeploy the 787 Dreamliner currently used on ...
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United Rolling Back International Economy Meal Service Downgrades

With much fanfare, United Airlines announced upgrades to its international economy class meal service last year that included new menu options, better quality entrees and salads, ice cream, and crackers & cheese. In exchange for the enhanced menu, complimentary mid-flight snacks were ...