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A Road Warrior's Tour of Inepitude, and Why I am Still Mostly Happy

Everyone hates flight delays.  How about a delay that was about 4 times the planned flight length?  To make it worse, the flight ultimately got cancelled.  
Sorry for the poor photo editing skills...but it fit my mood, and it's better to laugh than cry
While I ...

Hilarious United Airlines Holiday Video

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not too far off. United is getting a jump start on the holidays this year with a video that is both hilarious and touching:

Seriously, I love this video. I think these sorts of scenes around the dinner table are something that many of us can relate to and I love the safety video spoof, which is actually far better than United's current new safety video. The video will be shown after the safety video on flights now through the end of December.

Why United Airlines Should Bring Back Cappuccino and Espresso

Yesterday United introduced illy as its new coffee partner and paradoxically, included this picture in its press release—
You see, United does not offer cappuccino or mocha onboard its flights.
Not that it couldn’t, mind you.
Much of the ex-Continental longhaul ...
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United Airlines Chooses illy as New Coffee Provider

United flyers can finally breathe a sigh of relief -- the despised coffee currently found onboard and in United Clubs is on the way out and Italian coffee maker illy is on the way in.
Starting next month we will begin to see illy in United Clubs and beginning next summer (2016) illy will ...

Finally Some Vacation and a Meetup in NYC

I've been traveling seemingly almost nonstop for much of this year, but finally had the chance for a short vacation with family.  We visited the Andaz Penninsula Papagayo last year as somewhat of a 'babymoon', and this year we returned with our daughter.  

We only made this trip ...

New Coffee Coming to United Airlines

While I love a good cappuccino, I rarely drink plain coffee -- why drink an addictive beverage that stains your teeth and keeps you up at night? I realize I am in the minority here, particularly among the traveling crowd, but perhaps it is for the better. After all, my primary airline is ...

U.S. Justice Department Blocks Newark Slot Deal Between United and Delta

United has already abandoned New York Kennedy in a deal in which United traded its Kennedy slots for 24 of Delta's Newark slots. Today, the U.S. Department of Justice said not so fast, suing to block the deal on anti-competition grounds.
"We know from experience what happens when ...

Should He Be Banned from Flying United?

Here's the story -- a man is involved in a near-death plane accident on a private jet and suffers from PTSD. He also happens to be a frequent United flyer, a 2-million-miler Global Services member. Going forward, whenever he flies he books a corresponding award ticket for his wife. On the day of ...

Guam Demands United Airlines Improve Service

Attorneys General from Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands have sent a letter to United Interim CEO Brett Hart demanding onboard service improvements including the return of free inflgiht meals and a second free checked bag on United's non-stop service between Guam and ...

United CEO Oscar Munoz Will Return Next Year

Hobbled United CEO Oscar Munoz is on the mend. After replacing disgraced CEO Jeff Smisek, Munoz promised big changes to United but quickly suffered a heart attack, forcing United to name Brett Hart as Interim CEO. For weeks we have heard nothing about Munoz's medical condition, leaving us ...

Rumor: United Will Charge to Gate Check Excess Carry-on Bags

Checked baggage fees are here to stay and checking a bag remains an unattractive option -- who wants to stand around a baggage carousel or risk losing your valuables when you can keep your bags with you onboard? That lethal duo has led to a proliferation of carry-on baggage over the last ...

What American Giveth, United Taketh Away

American Airlines recently made "to go" coffee cups available throughout most of its lounge network, adding value by helping members save time and avoid the cost and hassle of waiting in crowded coffee lines in airport concourses. Delta and Alaska also have to-go cups and United Airlines did ...

Onboard Video from the Final United p.s. Flight from JFK

This will be my last post on United Airlines leaving JFK airport, but I wanted to bring your attention to the photo above and video below that was posted by Flyertalk member Phil Level on Facebook. You have to love the Airplane! reference:

Grammar error in the picture ...

A Review of My First and Last United p.s. Flights from JFK

Yesterday I wrote about the new challenges on the horizon for United employees at JFK. In the story, I shared a couple pictures of my first and last p.s. flights on United at JFK. Here's a brief trip report of both those journeys.
First United p.s. Trip - September 20, 2005
I had just ...

United JFK Employees Say Goodbye to Home, Hello to Uncertainty

A United Club agent pauses between welcoming guests to steal a furtive glance toward a pair of Japanese dragon statues on the adjacent wall, one of the last remnants of United’s heyday at JFK.  She has been with United for 37 years and now finds herself squeezed out of the airport ...

Pictures: Saying Goodbye to United Airlines at JFK

The final United Airlines flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport just took off for Los Angeles, ending a storied era for United. Today you can view a selection of pictures I recently took around Terminal 7, United’s now former home at JFK. They are set in black and white to mark the ...

Kuwaiti Government Expels United Airlines from Kuwait

United Airlines has announced it will suspend service to Kuwait City and Bahrain on January 13, 2016.
I’ve flown the route twice and the plane was half full both times (and with only about 50 passengers the one time I continued on to Bahrain). The U.S. continues to scale down its presence ...

A Familiar Face on United Airlines

Prior to departure on a recent redeye to Washington Dulles, an LAX gate agent came onboard toward the end of boarding to check on overhead bin space. As usual, the bins were full.
A late-boarding Ethiopian family of four, each with a large carry-on item, attempted to find overhead bin space, ...
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