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Saloon VIP Terminal J Miami - AKA Club America


Club America in Terminal J at Miami international Airport is a crowded place in the late afternoon as the lounge is shared by all international airlines operating out of Terminal J. This includes not only Tam, who I was flying, but Lufthansa, Avianca, LAN, Aerolineas Argentinas, Swiss, and more. ...

Touring Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounges in Hong Kong


I could have flown home directly from Bangkok, but what fun would that be?  I had planned my flights around unique (read geeky) travel experiences; in this segment, I'll discuss my time in Hong Kong.  I never left the airport, since I only had a few hours, but I always enjoy layovers at ...

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Thai Airways A346 Royal First Class from Bangkok to Hong Kong


I saw 4 engines, but this airplane was made in France, not Seattle.  Yep, I got TG'd.  In plain English, the original aircraft scheduled to make this trip has changed to something else.  It could be worse, at least this flight still had a first class cabin (unlike the experience ...


An Aerial Tour of the Northern Gulf Coast


"Flightseeing" - a fancy term for staring out the window and trying to identify landmarks way down below - is one of my favorite things to do when flying, which is also why I always try to get a window seat.  I've dedicated a few posts to this subject on my old blog before joining UPGRD, ...


Rookie Mistakes Could Have Cost Me My Around The World Trip

Last weekend I started my nearly 30,000 mile trip around the world on a US Airways First Class Award ticket and an amateur mistake almost cost me the entire trip! My trip started from Mexico City which allowed me to take advantage of on my favorite US Airways award chart gems: Central ...

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Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge and Spa


Thai Airways has plenty of issues, but the experience before departure in Bangkok when in Royal First Class is hard to beat.  An excellent lounge, plus an hour long massage in their spa is a great way to prepare for a flight.  I've visited before, but routing via Bangkok in First Class ...


Mexico D.F. American Airlines Admirals Club


It is amazing to me how different every American Airlines Admiral club is, especially those in foreign countries. I have reviewed the Admirals Club in London, which wasn’t much to write home about and the club in Tokyo, which many AA frequent fliers claim is the best in the system. Yet I ...

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Best Western Amaranth for a short layover near Bangkok Airport


Now that i've experienced the temples of Angkor and my first trip to Cambodia, the long round-about journey towards home would begin.  I was aiming for some new experiences as well as some fun ones that I've done before.  First I had a short overnight layover in Bangkok.  In the ...

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A Picture Tour of the Angkor Wat Temples Around Siem Reap


For touring the temples of Angkor, I wanted to experience it first hand, and at my own pace, so I decided to rent a bike from the hotel and visit them that way.  The roads are flat, there isn't too much traffic, so I thought this would be fun.  It was hot, and I was sweaty, but it was ...


AirBerlin Business Class Berlin - Miami


When I usually think about a European premium airline, Lufthansa typically comes to mind. Furthermore, if asked about traveling on a German airline, the behemoth airline group Lufthansa is usually the first to be mentioned. Many travel bloggers rave about Lufthansas’ first class product and ...


The Le Meridien Angkor, my home base in Siem Reap


Cambodia has been a place I've long wanted to visit, so it was exciting to finally be here!  Since my plans had changed somewhat, and was traveling alone, I opted to be a little more frugal and stay at the Le Meridien.  Its a plenty nice hotel, but I couldn't really justify the splurge ...

Trip Report: Thai Airways Boeing 747 Business Class Tokyo to Bangkok


If you haven't flown on Thai Airways before, here's one thing you should know about them. They switch out more airplanes on more routes than any other airline that I know. When I originally booked this trip, I specifically booked this leg to be on the Airbus ...


Short Tour of the Mississippi and Ohio River Confluence, Cairo, Illinois


Ever since I've been a little kid, I've had a fascination with rivers.  It's a fascination that's always struck me as a little bit odd, considering I don't even know how to swim.  Maybe it's because rivers and river valleys usually provide some terrific opportunities for vacation ...

Lounge Review: Air China First Class Lounge at Beijing


The Air China First Class Lounge at Beijing Capital Airport is located airside (after security) in terminal 3, near gate E20. It’s located on the second floor of the international terminal and is only available to first class passengers on Air China or Star ...

Malaysia Airlines economy between Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap


Malaysia Airlines has had a horrible year.  I was somewhat hesitant to book travel with them, but the flights were convenient to my needs.  My flights occurred before the tragedy of MH17 over Ukraine.  

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 ...

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Moving to South Africa

...for the next month anyway. Perhaps longer.

I'm already here, actually. You can blame my wife. Or the American government. Or striking South African postal workers.

You see, not that our U.S. government wins any blue ribbons for its efficiency, but things are a little rogue ...