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A Visit to the Birthplace of Light - Delos and Mykonos, Greece

Today, it's time for a virtual tour of our first port-of-call on our Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Rome, the Greek isle of Mykonos.  Though not as well known or frequently visited as the island of Santorini, Mykonos does have plenty of historical significance and natural beauty in its ...

Lounge Review: Vietnam Airlines Lotus (Business Class) Lounge at Hanoi

The Vietnam Airlines Lotus (Business Class) Lounge at Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport is located in their international departures terminal. It’s located upstairs adjacent to gate 28 and is open to premium cabin passengers and elite members of SkyTeam partner airlines and other ...

Lufthansa A340 Business Class from Dusseldorf to Chicago

Lufthansa’s current business class hard product is not revolutionary, but it is a decent seat, and the service is usually good.  At the end of our family trip, and a quick visit in Dusseldorf, this was a comfortable way to get us back home.
Lufthansa A340, showing the ...

Why You Should Visit Cuba Now

The trope goes something like this – visit Cuba now before it becomes westernized with McDonalds and Subways; before the Americans ruin it and it becomes another Caribbean dump. That’s not entirely untrue, but that’s not the real reason you should visit Cuba.
Cuba was ...
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10 Tips for Visiting Cuba

Cuba remains an incredible place to visit, even in this time of great change. Here are 10 tips for an even better trip to Cuba:

#1 Home-Stays in Cuba Are Cheap and Memorable
I booked a room on for about $4 and had a perfectly good rest in the home of a middle-class ...

Cruise Review - Istanbul to Rome on the Emerald Princess

At last, time for the post you've all been waiting for - a review of the cruise that inspired our European vacation.  Our Istanbul to Rome, Eastern Mediterranean cruise was actually the fourth leg of our ship's, the Emerald Princess, voyage through the Mediterranean, as she had sailed from ...

Houston Executive Club Lounge

Introduction Houston Executive Club Lounge
Qatar Airways B777-200LR Business Class | Houston to Doha Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge | Doha Qatar Airways B777-300ER First Class | Doha to Abu Dhabi Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Premium Lounge | Abu ...

Middle Eastern Sampler: Introduction

Introduction Houston Executive Club Lounge
Qatar Airways B777-200LR Business Class | Houston to Doha Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge | Doha Qatar Airways B777-300ER First Class | Doha to Abu Dhabi Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Premium Lounge | Abu ...
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Dublin to Boston in Aer Lingus Business Class

Aer Lingus recently refreshed its transatlantic business class product with a new lie-flat bed and a reinvented onboard menu.  I had the chance to sample it last week from Dublin to Boston and am pleased to report that I had a tremendous flight.
Aer Lingus Business Class ...

Hotel Review - Hotel Nena, Istanbul

Our stay in Istanbul was brief, but did require an overnight stay.  (As an aside, if you're catching a cruise, especially overseas, ALWAYS plan your arrival in your port city at least one day before sailing, as a buffer in case something goes wrong along the way.)  And so came the always ...

A Weekend in Small Town America

I am a city slicker at heart – there is no question about it. I grew up and still live in Los Angeles and have lived in Washington, Philadelphia, and Frankfurt as well. In other words, I have always lived in big cities and like it that way. But there is something incredibly endearing ...

Havana to Los Angeles in TACA Economy Class

Back at the airport, I had a couple hours to kill before my flight to Costa Rica and used the time to have one final walk around the airport. 
Cubana check-in was flooded with tourists queuing for the afternoon bank of departures. Ticketing offices and a smoking lounge were on the bottom ...

Day Two in Cuba: The Juxtaposition of Two Cubans

I walked out of the domestic terminal and down a pot-hole ridden road to the main street. I wanted to take pictures, but figured I was still being watched and that nothing says espionage like taking photos of a government facility with an SLR camera…
Sanitation and draining is poor in ...

Day Two in Cuba: Escorted Flying

For those who missed the first part, be sure to read this first. 
After denying that I worked for the U.S. government, the official began a volley of questions:
Cuban Official: Why are you in Nueva Gerona?
Me: I am an aviation enthusiast and wanted to fly Cubana.
Cuban ...
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A Few Days Exploring Z├╝rich

While this wasn't our first trip to Zürich, it was the first time we had a few days to spend some time.  Is is a lovely place to visit, especially in the summer, although as someone who some may call cheap, the prices of most everything are a bit hard to swallow.  We chose this ...

Day Two in Cuba: Accused of Being An American Spy!

The alarm sounded at 5am and my taxi was already waiting downstairs. Not a vintage American auto, unfortunately, but a comfortable Toyota Corolla to take me to the airport. We had negotiated a cost of $12 for the ride.
The driver dropped me off at the domestic terminal and I proceeded in, ...

Trip Report: Japan Airlines First Class Tokyo to Los Angeles, Boeing 777-300ER

This Japan Airlines first class flight review is part of my around the world trip using the last of my US Airways Dividend Miles a few months ago. My post on how I booked this trip last year can be found here.
About 30 minutes prior to boarding time, I left the Japan Airlines First Class Lounge ...