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Arik Air from Accra and lounge hopping during a long layover in Lagos


A short flight on a tired 737 built for AirTran then a nearly 12 hour layover in Lagos.  Not my best travel day, but I tried to make the most of it.  Due to limited flight options between Accra and Lagos, I ended up with along layover before my flights home. Like my outbound trip, I ...

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Cathay Pacific Business Class HKG - KUL Trip Report


After an amazing stay at the Renaissance Harbour view Hong Kong Hotel and rendezvousing with friends, it was time to continue my trip on Cathay Pacific to Kuala Lumpur. I visited the Pier lounge shortly, as I didn’t have much time for a long stay at any lounges due to check in and baggage ...

Travel to Kakum National Park and being the only obruni on the bus to Accra


From walking among the treetops, to an hour long sermon on a bus ride.  My last few days in Ghana had some unique experiences, and only some of them were intended.   Since my time in country was pretty brief, I didn't get to explore too far, but I tried to make the most of the time I ...


Exploring history of the slave trade in Cape Coast, Ghana


Besides being in Ghana for the wedding, we wanted to do some local exploration.  Ghana does not have much of a developed tourism industry.  There are several worthy sites, one of them was rather close to where we were staying, so we hired a tro tro (minibus that functions similar to a ...


Life Behind Walls - A Trip Inside Palestine


Imagine life behind a wall, a modern day prison where you have freedom to roam, but your freedom is halted 50+ feet concrete walls. Visiting with friends and family are distant memories which are only revisited through modern technology thanks to the invention of facetime and Skype and jobs and ...


The Pier - Cathay Pacific Business & First class lounge at HKG


The Pier Business class lounge at Hong Kong International airport is just one of many OneWorld and Cathay Pacific lounges within the megaplex. The pier, is one of the furthest lounges from security and the rest of the airport located by gate 62 and 66, but I opted to visit this lounge only as I ...

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A stay at the Ko-Sa Beach Resort, Cape Coast, Ghana


We had a long, but fun road trip from Accra, and we finally made it to our destination and the site of the wedding, the Ko-Sa Beach resort.  This is unlike any other beach resort I've been to, much more simple but perfectly nice, and rooms are less than $70 per night even for their best ...

Virgin America Main Cabin Select SFO-SAN


Often times when flying intra-California routes for work I am posed with the dilemma of either connecting via LAX on a legacy carrier or breaking my alliance to American (formerly Delta) and fly direct on either Southwest and sometimes Virgin. I will usually choose to connect when returning home, ...

La Serena, Chile


Vineyard near the town of Vicuna

This is part 7 of my trip report series about our cruise to South America in December, 2012.  Today's port of call is La Serena, Chile, a small city in the heart of Chile's wine country.  Today was also the ...

Exploring the Atacama Desert in Arica, Chile


Atacama Desert Coastline south of Arica, Chile

This is part 6 of my series about our cruise to South America in December, 2012.  Today's port of call is Arica, a lonely city in the extreme north of Chile, in the Atacama ...

Road trip from Accra to Cape Coast in a van


It is maybe 100 miles from our hotel in Accra to where we were staying for the wedding, but due to heavy traffic getting out of town, and along the way, it took several hours to cover that distance.  A big portion of the wedding party and guests traveled together to the site of the wedding, ...


Cash only in Accra, Ghana and Africa in General

Independence Arch

Now that I was finally in Africa, I had one short night to relax in Accra, meet up with friends, and then head up the coast to the site of the wedding.  After my extended layover in Lagos, I was one of the last to arrive at the hotel in Accra, but it was good to see some familiar faces ...

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Extended layover in Lagos Nigeria and flying Africa World Airways


Many travelers have heard horror stories about the experience of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos Nigeria.  Here is my story, I don't think it was necessarily a horror, but I'll let you decide.  Others have alleged some major issues when flying through Lagos, including ...


Mabul/Sipadan Malaysia - Great Diving, Horrible Poverty


Often times on this website and many other websites that are similar to this one, I believe that I (we) get caught up in the ritz and glamour of traveling. Bloggers here and in many other places write trip reports describing their flights in business class and their hotel stays at high end ...


United Airlines 787 Dreamliner BusinessFirst from Houston to Lagos


Although I was flying to a new and exciting destination, the initial part of this trip was pretty typical for me, with domestic flights on United. Thankfully, they were uneventful, and actually arrived ahead of schedule.   I got to Houston with plenty of time to relax before the ...