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Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i Business Class O'Hare to Frankfurt

I've flown the Boeing 747-8i before, but this was my first time in the newest Lufthansa Business Class product.  It isn't all that cutting edge, but it is a big improvement on their previous product.   Even despite the price premium, this was a much better experience than what United ...

Trip Report: Introduction to my Family Trip to Europe with a Baby

We're back from our first long haul international trip with our daughter.  There were certainly countless changes from our former travel patterns, but other than keeping a more open and flexible schedule, we weren't really too constrained by our new travel companion.

The Lufthansa ...
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Trip Report: Exploring Lisbon, Portugal

I have heard many good things about Portugal, so I was fortunate to have a business trip there earlier this year.  I didn't have much time to explore, and I never left Lisbon, but I'm glad I finally got to knock this city off my list of places to visit.  I flew US Airways Business Class to ...

My child is a celebrity: other people taking pictures with my baby

Did you know my child is a celebrity in Asia? I didn’t either…but she is. 
There seems to be this wonderful fascination people have with Lucy when we travel around Asia. We first noticed it in Macau on Christmas Eve. We were in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Macau ...

Review: A Duplex Suite at the Sheraton Prague Charles Square

I had a great day touring Prague, and I also wanted to share a review of my home base while there, the Sheraton Prague Charles Square.  Rates were cheap, and I was fortunate to have my Suite Night Award clear 5 days out, so I had a nice multi-level suite for my stay.  Granted, I wasn't in ...

Downtown Dallas Dining - Fearing's at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas

After a busy week last week, The Road More Traveled returns home to Dallas to continue my quest for fine food in the Central Business District.  Today's pick, Fearing's, is technically in Uptown, not Downtown, but since it's a tolerable walking distance from the office, it's close enough for me ...

A Day in Photos from Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city that has been high on my list of places to visit.  I finally had the chance after a business trip to Frankfurt.  Only visiting for a day is hardly doing it justice, but one day is better than zero.  I've done several trips like this as a tag on business trips to get a ...

Lesson 3: What will my baby eat abroad?

Lesson 3: What will my baby eat abroad? 
 "What will my baby eat abroad?"
"What food can I take when I fly with a baby?"
"What about local foods? I'm afraid that baby could get sick."

Lucy tries dumplings in Macau
 Food to ...

Cruisers Beware, Room Service No Longer Free on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Dawn docked in Cruiseport Boston
It used to be that cruising was like staying at an all-inclusive resort.  You would pay a hefty cruise fare up front, but all food and drink, including alcohol, would be included.  Cruise lines actually preceded the airlines by several ...

Like an old Seoul: a day in South Korea's capital | Trip (Ro)Ports

After arriving from New York by way of Asiana 221, I headed straight for the light rail station at Incheon airport which will literally take you anywhere you want to go in the city.
Getting around
I have a soft spot for efficient, economical and quick public transportation systems, and so ...

Our First International Trip as a Family of Three

Can a trip with an infant be a vacation?  I'm about to find out.  We are about to head to Europe for a quick family trip.  As usual, I'm excited for some new destinations and experiences, and want to share it here.

Yep, another excuse to show off this ...

Don't you get sick of traveling so much? Some Favorite Travel Quotes

I'm often asked if I tire of traveling so much.  At times, especially when dealing with stupid delays I may feel that way.  Being away from home and especially my wife and daughter is tough given that most of my travel is for work.  But every time I find my self not traveling for a ...

Exploring and eating my way around Istanbul

I have written about experiences on a past business trip to India.  That trip was supposed to be approximately a week in India, and then to return back home.  Due to some last minute changes, I ended up needing to work in Istanbul before I went home.  While I love the city, I wasn't ...

Am I the only one who cries on airplanes? Wait, don't answer that...

I'm generally not much of a crier in most situations.  That said there are a few things that do break that rule.  I've found myself getting a little bit misty on occasion on airplanes.  At least it seems that I'm not alone in that regard.
I recently read an article in ...

Delayed Checked Baggage Upon Arrival with Swiss Airlines in Zurich

While I avoid checking bags as much as I can, due to length of trip or various other requirements, sometimes I do have to check baggage.  My typical trips are short domestic trips, and I never check a bag.  I occasionally carry on on international trips too, but on the rare occasion that I ...

Compensation from my Hotel Roulette - American Airlines IRROPS Disaster

A couple of weeks ago while traveling home from a long work week I had a hotel snafu at LAX where American Airlines provided me with a hotel voucher for the Westin but when I arrived at the Westin the hotel had no room for me. The entire ordeal took over three hours to get sorted out and finally ...

My Experiences with Travel and Dining in India

I had a business trip to India in late 2014.  While visiting Gurgaon, Chennai, Vellore and  Ahmedabad I was able to explore various cuisines as well as a few of the domestic airlines.  I have already reviewed some of the excellent hotels I visited (The Westin Gurgaon and the ITC Grand ...

Lesson One: How to Obtain a Minor Passport

Here are some helpful tips on obtaining a passport for a minor under 16:

What you will need for a minor passport:
Evidence of U.S. Citizenship (We used Certified U.S. Birth Certificate)  Social Security Number (This is required on the application forms) Evidence of ...

It's Time for an Infant Passport

Do you need an infant passport? 
Every minor regardless of their age traveling overseas is required to carry a valid passport.  A passport for a minor under the age of 16 is valid for five years.
Before Lucy was born we knew she would need a passport ASAP! She was due ...
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Review: Suite at The ITC Grand Chola, Chennai India

On my business trip to India, we spent a few days in the south of the country, in Chennai.  There are some excellent hotels here, and while there we stayed at the ITC Grand Chola, which is affiliated with Starwood Preferred Guest.  Like my stay at the Westin Gurgaon, I successfully ...