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SkyTeam bolstering its lineup: Tarom and China Eastern to join

SkyTeam, which added Vietnam Airlines to its alliance last month, will soon add two more members to the team.
Romania's Tarom Airlines will join later this week and offer an alternative to SkyTeam's already robust presence in Europe. Tarom also offers flights to the Middle ...

Comparing Clubs: Delta and United

We talk about this stuff a lot, but I thought I might share my evaluation of clubs for the airlines I frequently fly.  Some common factors (like being crowded on Sundays) are not included.  Comments, as always, are welcome.

Upgrd 54: Award Bookings

In this first podcast of a series on airline award bookings we discuss the basics of how we use our miles and an overview of different award types. In future podcasts, over the next few weeks, we will discuss specific reward programs and alliances in greater detail.

In addition we discussed JAL's decision between SkyTeam and OneWorld, although that dicussion seems a bit dated now.  Please send in your recent award redemptions stories and questions for our next few airline award booking shows.


Oneworld lives! JAL to stay with American

I can't keep up - but as of right now rueters is reporting that JAL is sticking with OneWorld and not joining Delta in Skyteam.
JAL's new chief executive officer, Kazuo Inamori, and officials of the ETIC have decided that switching alliances is too risky and could hinder their ability to turn ...

Japanese newspaper: JAL-Delta Tie the Knot

After weeks of back-and-forth haggling and the like, the Daily Yomiuri newspaper announced today (tomorrow?) that Japan Airlines (JAL) is leaving the Oneworld Alliance and entering into a relationship with Delta.
I'm trying to pack and get ready for a flight tomorrow, and I'm not someone ...

It's the small things that matter

They say that it's the small things that matter and they couldn't be right.
I'm currently in BCN on my way back to New York.  I flew Delta out and am flying Air France back.
On my departure out of JFK, I learned that Delta does not priority tag companion ...

Merry Christmas, or How to Split the Baby

So I'm about to be off the Australia, and I'll be sure to report on the 77L flat bed experience.  I really enjoyed the 76D flat beds, and I have little doubt that the equivalent will be better.
In thinking about everything, and buoyed by CO's recent addition of system wide upgrades, I've ...

Thoughts on Making a Change

On a side note, are you Carrie Underwood fans really going to let Jenn Brown's people kick your ass?  Seriously?
So it shouldn't be a shock that I've been thinking about making some changes to my carrier choices for some time now.  I've got Delta Platinum (soon to be Diamond), ...

Buh-Bye kids that were picked last...

One of my all-time favorite lines about Skyteam is "we were the kids that were picked last".  While an amusing line it is also quite true.  The carriers in Skyteam are the ones that were left out of Star and Oneworld.  Skyteam was also the last to be formed of ...

The Beauty of the SkyTeam Lounge at LHR

So I'm not much of a lounge hound - I've never seen these "magical" places in Asia or the Middle East.  I enjoy the AF lounges throughout Europe, and SkyClubs are, well, domestic lounges.  So long as the booze and wifi are free, I generally don't care.
After this week, ...

Ten days and counting.

With less than two weeks to go as a part of Skyteam, the time is ticking if you want to redeem for a Skyteam award.

Changing alliances has a bit of confusion surrounding it.  The biggest point of confusion is that some people believe they have to fly their Skyteam award by 10/24/09, which is the day Continental leaves Skyteam.  Not true, your award just needs to be ticketed by that date.

What does that mean?  You can book an award for up to 330 days out (this is the furthest out a airline reservation can be).  So if you want to book a trip for the spring or summer on Skyteam, now is the time. 

So if you wanted to book that trip to Tahiti, now would be the time.



Upgrd 40: Live From San Diego

At long last, our "live" recording. This episode is available as both an audio podcast an online as a video. As usual Ben and Hunter do not agree, what is your opinion? We discussed:
Our first class upgrades flying to San Diego Hunter's opinion on OneWorld's low ...

Upgrd Podcast 2: Intro to Alliances and Mileage Runs

In this week's episode, we start off with a couple of "secret" pieces of information followed by a debate about the best (US)airport. After listening, please vote in our poll to the right.
Our main feature this week is an introduction to airline alliances and mileage runs. We ...