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Mileage Running to Anchorage, and $600 in VDB certificates, on United Airlines

As I've discussed in the past, I plan my mileage runs for the weekends that I am not too busy with school work. Where I go usually depends on the miles I am looking for, although the price is usually what I pay a bit more attention to. On this occasion, I had an e-certificate that was going to ...

UNITED Equipment Change - How broke can an airline be.

Today I got an email notifying me of a change to my reservation; it was an equipment change for a flight early next year from Newark to Manchester, UK. I’m really not a fan of this flight because it is operated by a 757-200. I was able to get a good deal in Business class the 757 are not bad ...

UNITED Airlines Upgrade System Still Broke - Tips to get your upgrade!

Well it is clear to must that United upgrade system is broken. Matthew posted about this a week or so ago. I’m also like Matthew and this UA knows they have problems and the fix it to make it harder to passengers to see “R” space on UA flights. “R” is the booking class ...

United's Retro Boarding Pass

When a portion of United Airlines' computer network crashed today, gate agents were left to improvise. Most just waited out the 2hr, 20min outage, but some got creative--check out this boarding pass from #moiraforbes:
It's like 1955 all over again.
When I say United's computer ...

Did I Screw Up the Upgrade Queue on My LAX-DEN United Flight?

After posting about the intrigue surrounding United Airline's complimentary upgrade process yesterday, reader Dan left this insightful comment:
It's very simple -- there is someone ahead of you in the CPU queue who has a ticket 'out of sync' issue. This prevents the entire CPU process from ...

The New System - How United is just falling apart - Trip from Hell part 2

You can read part one of my multi part trip report about my debacle on “The Worlds Leading Airline” United. Here
Now as we arrive in the Z gate area of Frankfurt airport I see a sea of people ahead of me, you can hear yelling and crying. I walk right into the mess and to my dismay ...

Double Check Your United Award Itineraries Now...for Missing Segments!

I received an e-mail this evening from a client whom I had assisted with an award reservation to South Africa on Swiss (San Francisco- Zurich-Johannesburg) using United miles. Tickets had been issued last October and were in economy class.
Hope you've been well.
We logged ...

Was it the Way I Looked? Part II

Read Part I here
As I mentioned in Part I, when I reached SFO Saturday morning to check in for my trip to Philadelphia via Chicago, the agent could not find my ticket. I had been re-booked by a legacy Continental agent the night before during irr/ops and deliberately or not, she had not synced ...

Travel Vexations on United Airlines: Give Yourself Plenty of Time This Week

I had my first post-SHARES travel experience today on United, and it was not pretty—though it ended well.
In what has become a routine for me of late, I was scheduled to fly from Columbia, SC to Philadelphia via Washington Dulles early this morning. The new “EasyUpdate” flight ...

SHARES vs APOLLO an in-depth look

As a number of United fliers are aware, March 3nd marks the day when United and Continental move to a single Passenger Service System or PSS for short.  Over the last few months, there has been a lot of animosity, particularly from the legacy United fliers about how awful this will be.   ...

Armageddon for United/Continental Passengers on 03 March?

At 0100 Central Time on Saturday, 03 March, United Airlines will flip the switch, transitioning from its Apollo Reservation System it has used for the last four decades to Continental's in-house SHARES system. Will the transition be smooth? History suggests no.
To be blunt, the history of ...