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A Zone of Twilight Between OnePass and MileagePlus

As Continental OnePass and United MileagePlus work to fully integrate in March, the next month and a half will be tricky for those elites looking to take full advantage of reciprocal benefits but who never linked accounts.
Last March, as one of the first steps of the merger process, United and ...

Last Day to Transfer Continental Miles to Amtrak

In early November, I blogged about Amtrak-Continental partnership changes set to take effect tomorrow, 01 January 2012.
As a friendly reminder, today is your last day to transfer Continental OnePass miles to Amtrak Guest Rewards and vice-versa.
Elite status on Amtrak or Continental is not ...

Amtrak Guest Rewards - United Airlines MileagePlus Partnership Changes

Not surprisingly, the Amtrak-Continental Airlines partnership will soon be scaled back. From 01 January 2012, you will no longer be able to transfer points between the two programs. Thankfully, it appears the train codeshares will remain and even after the United-Continental merger is complete, you ...

Final Chance to Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Continental

As a reminder to those of you with American Express Membership Rewards Points, tomorrow (9/30) is the last day to transfer those points to Continental Airlines. Starting on October 1, United Continental Holdings will no longer accept Amex cards for access to the Continental President's Clubs, or allow points to be transferred to OnePass.

For those of you with the Amex Platinum card, you will still receive access to the American Airlines Admirals Club, Delta SkyClub, and US Airways Club.


Mileage Plus Survives

Earlier today United announced that the surviving frequent flyer program would be Mileage Plus and that Onepass will terminate on Decemeber 31.  No big news, this is what was being expected all along.   But all this really means is that the program name will be Mileage ...
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United Changes Award Fees: Some Good, Some Bad

Today United announced that beginning June 15, there are going to be some major changes in fees related to reward travel.   For the most part, this is aligning the award fees of United and Continental, and is Mileage Plus adopting the award ticketing fees of OnePass with some minor exceptions. ...

Transfer Miles Freely and Enjoy Elite Status on Both Continental and United

Nick sums up today's announcement that United and Continental miles can be freely transferred between accounts and elites can enjoy status with both airlines perfectly--I have only my own two cents to add.
Word came this morning from Scott O'Leary, UA's Managing Director of Customer ...

Merge your United and Continental Elite Miles and Transfer Award miles

While United and Continental have been aligning benefits and partners since the merger, there are still differences in the programs that members must deal with, such as one-way awards, upgrade priority, or even being able to use particular partners.  However as of today, those issues are a ...

United Making it Harder to Earn 1K by Segments

 As the new United and Continental elite program comes into focus, they announced today the alignment that is occurring to prepare the programs for merger at the end of 2011.  As the resident segment flyer here at, I feel an obligation to really discuss how big of a change it is ...

Why the 2011 United/Continental Elite Program Isn't the End of the World

Reading some of the responses on Flyertalk today after United announced changes to the Mileage Plus program for 2011, you would think the world was coming to an end.
Relax. I'm not happy about the changes either, but we may have dodged a bullet and the changes are really not that ...

Continental announces fourth tier and SWUs!

Earlier this evening, Scott O'leary (a previous guest of the show) announced a few changes upcoming in 2010 to the Onepass program.  (The original thread can be found here).
The highlights:
A fourth tier that will be revenue based, like United's Global ...