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Snowden Onboard Aeroflot Flight to Havana?


The whole Edward Snowden issue is a mess and I am not going to weigh in on my own feelings about him here. But his saga to seek asylum is inextricably linked to travel and after spending two weeks camped out in the transit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo (Шереметьево) Airport, it ...


Breaking: Rediske Air Crash in Alaska Kills 10

When I saw the headline just a moment ago, I thought it was a joke--surely there could not be another crash just one day later. But sadly the Wall Street Journal is reporting:

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- The crash of an air taxi in rural Alaska killed all 10 people aboard Sunday, ...

Breaking: Asiana 777 Crashes at SFO


The news is just breaking now, but an Asiana 777 from Seoul has crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport. No injuries reported at this point, but one passenger tweeted:

plane came in at a bad angle, flipped, exploded.

But other reports differ. David Eun ...

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Video: Drunk Passenger Attacks United Pilot at Washington Dulles

I'm not the type that hangs around bars, but in my travels around the world I've run into a lot of drunk people and must admit that there are a few things I enjoy more than observing disorderly conduct from people who have had a few too many. What that says about me, well, you can draw your own ...


United Airlines Unveils New Uniforms at Newark Airport


As part of its commemoration of 25 years in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport, United Airlines set up a catwalk this morning in order showcase new uniforms for pilots, FAs, and ground staff.

With CEO Jeff Smisek on-hand, the new uniforms were modeled and will debut ...


New Seats, Wi-Fi, Streaming IFE Coming to United Airlines Airbus Fleet

United Airlines is refreshing its Airbus fleet and UAInsider has provided a bit more insight into the pending changes.

New RECARO seats in United Economy and Economy Plus, which will result in an additional half-inch of headroom an almost a full inch of additional knee space on standard ...

AirNews: Seeing Red


This week's airline news from around the web:

A new policy at Turkish Airlines bans their flight attendants from wearing red lipstick, a move some Turks see as an Islamic move. While the airline states that this is a move to keep their appearance "artless and well-groomed with makeup ...

Pay-to-Play VIP Treatment on Delta and American, but not United


Scott Mayerowitz has a piece out today on how three of the legacies are offering extra special VIP treatment for select guests, namely "true" VIPs and those willing to slap down some cash.

American Airlines built a private check-in lobby in Los Angeles for VIPs who ...


British Airways Florida Call Center to Close

British Airways has announced the impending closure of its Jacksonville call center, displacing 280 jobs. Sadly, this is not an April Fools' joke.

The news broke last week, but a conversation I had today with a British Airways call center agent brought the issue to the forefront of my ...


Dog Flies from Newark to Phoenix via Dublin on United

When I took my island-hopper flight last week from Honolulu to Guam on United Airlines, the same intro and safety video was played six times--every time the aircraft took off. Ironically, it was the cargo intro (below) that that emphasizes United's special pet handling program for cats and ...


TSA Allows Bomb to Slip Past Security Checkpoint in Newark...Twice

If any of you are surprised by news that a fake IED-type bomb was cleared past two security checks at Newark's Liberty International Airport last month, you shouldn't be. I've maintained for years that anyone determined to get something past a security checkpoint will find a way to do ...


Sequester: Travel Disruptions and the Politics of Fear and Intimidation

As the threat of sequester looms large, I must underscore the absurdity of the FAA's contention that it has no choice but to inconvenience the traveling public if Congress cannot reach an eleventh hour settlement today.

Gary argued this last week, came under attack for it, and made an ...


Innovation @ Madrid: airport allure

Next to complimentary upgrades, intelligent machines are perhaps the next-best thing to help enhance the travel experience for a road-warrior. Last August, Iberia Airlines of Spain unveiled Project Agora, an undertaking designed to improve the passenger experience for travelers passing ...

The Lawyer Behind the AA-US Merger

Never underestimate the capacity of one man to make a difference. The pages of history make that clear and as the dust settles around the almost certain merger of American Airlines and US Airways next week, we are now discovering the instrumental work of one man in orchestrating this grand union. ...

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Saudia, Ethiopian, Alitalia, United + others: Rohan on Routes

Routes to be covered in today\'s discussion

All hope is not lost in the global aviation world after the International Air Transport Association (IATA) released its Airline Financial Analysis for the months of December 2012 and January 2013. According to IATA, airline share prices continue to outperform as financial markets upgrade ...

Air Tahiti Nui Removes First Class, Adds New Business Class Seats


Getting to Tahiti using your points (and in general) is not the easiest prospect. Two carriers fly from the continental US non-stop to Papeete--both from Los Angeles: Air France and Air Tahiti Nui (Hawaiian Airlines also offers once-weekly service from Honolulu). Securing award seats on either ...


Malaysia Airlines Joins OneWorld


Tonight at Midnight, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) will officially become a member of the OneWorld Alliance, and for those readers in Asia, Malaysia Airlines has already started flying as member of the alliance. In order to celebrate the joining of the Alliance, Malaysia Airlines rolled out ...

Why United Airlines Will Have Trouble Winning Back Business Travelers

United Airlines announced a new push today to win back business travelers who have been leaving the carrier in droves for the competition. United will have to do more than plead to get these corporate accounts back--

Is it going to be too little, too late?

As United ...


TSA Will Remove Some Nude Scanners


Chalk this up as a small victory in the war on common sense. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed today that it will remove some airport body scanners that produce a naked image of travelers by June.

These are the ...