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Should a Vocal Trump Supporter Have Been Kicked Off My United Flight?

We are (hopefully) just a day away from the end to one of the most bitter presidential contests in U.S. history. As polls and statisticians predict a victory for Hillary Clinton, one die-hard Donald Trump supporter tried to make an eleventh-hour plea to passengers on my United Airlines flight ...

Modobag Introduces World's First Motorized, Rideable Carry-on Bag

For those of you too lazy to walk but too prideful to use a wheelchair, a company called Modobag has the perfect solution -- world's first motorized, rideable carry-on bag.
Here's the premise: sometimes we are running late or have tight connections. Heals are broken or we wind up dripping in ...

Plenty of Award Space on New Austrian Airlines LAX Route

Austrian Airlines will begin service between Vienna and Los Angeles starting next April, adding another Star Alliance destination in the heart of Europe for LA travelers.
The new schedule effective April 10, 2017:
OS81 Vienna (VIE) to Los Angeles (LAX) departing 10:00 arriving ...

Warning! Vietnam Tourist Visa on Arrival Changes and Fee Increase

Vietnam tourist visas have become more expensive as Vietnam has stopped issuing one month and three month, single entry tourist visas for US citizens. All tourist visas for US citizens to Vietnam will now be one year, multiple entry visas. This new rule went into effect on August 29, ...

American Airlines Adds Service from Dallas to Rome and Amsterdam

American Airlines is adding flights to Rome and Amsterdam from its Dallas-Fort Worth hub, with seasonal service set to begin in May 2017 on both routes.
What we know about the new American Airlines DFW to FCO/AMS Flights
Boeing 777-200 aircraft from Dallas (DFW) to Rome ...

Can You Use United Miles to Cuba?

On November 29, 2016 United will resume service to Havana, with daily non-stop service from Newark Liberty and weekly service (Saturdays) from Houston. The new flights are already bookable on and prices are very reasonable, with business class tickets cheaper than what charter ...

United Gate Agent Caught Stealing $130K Worth of Passenger Jewelry

He's no Frank Abagnale, Jr.
A United Airlines gate agent in Denver has been charged with felony theft for stealing $130K of jewelry from a passenger's bag, including a pearl encrusted bracelet and diamond earrings.
The passenger was traveling from Aspen to Denver and somehow ...

Let's Give Scott Kirby a Chance

Scott Kirby made the odd pivot from President of American Airlines to President of United Airlines yesterday. Walking away with a $13MN severance package from AA without a non-compete clause, he has already begun work for United, where he will ...
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Lost Cat Turns Up on Air Canada Flight

Have you ever heard a flight attendant come down the aisle asking, "Has anyone seen a cat?”
I haven't either, but I wasn't on Air Canada Flight 189 from Ottawa to Vancouver earlier this week, where about 20 minutes prior to landing a FA did utter those very words.
But that unusual ...
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British Airways' Curious Strategy for Growth

You're shopping for a ticket from London to New York and opt to pay an extra $500 for a Premium Economy seat on British Airways, which promises among other things "delicious meals" (with an "s"). Your flight time is about seven hours and after takeoff you receive a decent breakfast and it is ...

Sneak Preview of United Polaris Dining Menu

"240 new entrees. 96 new appetizers. 48 new salads."
United describes its new Polaris Business Class menu as a "complete redesign of the culinary experience". Earlier today, a group of FAs in Chicago had a chance to sample the food and I am hearing that everyone was impressed.
Sample ...

Turkish Airlines Lounge Joins Erdogan Propaganda Machine

The failed coup attempt in Turkey last month has emboldened President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan to crack down further on dissidents and spawned a concerted propaganda campaign to define July 15, 2016 as a turning point in Turkish history. State-run Turkish Airlines is doing its part by ...

Anti-Muslim Bigotry on American Airlines or Fabrication?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation over an alleged incident on an American Airlines' flight from Charlotte to Detroit on December 6, 2015.
According to the complaint, passenger Mohamed Ahmed ...

FAA Lifts Turkish Airlines Ban

The failed coup attempt in Turkey last Friday exposed security concerns at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, leading to a FAA ban on all direct flights from Turkey. Although the ban was threatened to last until September, Turkish authorities have apparently satisfied U.S. regulators as ...

United Pilot Calls For Hillary Clinton to be Executed

A United Airlines pilot has suggested via Twitter that Hillary Clinton should be hanged for treason. First Officer Michael Folk serves part-time in the West Virginia House of Delegates and part time flying for United Airlines as a First Officer. Folk's remarks have been met with ...

Man Steals TSA Bin, Now Uses it as Sock Drawer

America is a nation of security theater -- we go through a role play each time we take a commercial flight to make the fearful among us feel safer, but the reality remains the TSA has failed to stop any terrorist attack and does more harm than good. Just ask the thousands who have suffered ...

His Excellency Defends Qatar Atlanta Service in New Interview

Protests have sprung up in the Atlanta area over Qatar Airways new service to Doha including a string of protests, radio/tv attacks, and full-page newspaper ads condemning the Gulf carrier. CEO. Trying to reassert control over the matter, Qatar CEO Akbar Al Baker ("His Excellency") has ...

Planning an European Road Trip? Beware of the Dreaded Photo Radar Trap

Depending on what you want to see and do, renting a car in Europe can add a lot of fun to your trip.  Though most of Europe has excellent public transportation systems, especially long distance trains, there are still a lot of areas that are easier to reach if you have your own set of ...
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This is Why I Always Fasten Seat Belt When Seated on Airplane

Turbulence can hit unexpectedly and when it does, it can be injurious or even deadly. A recent Avianca flight from Lima to Bueons Aires encountered unexpected but severe turbulence at 41,000 feet, throwing passengers and crew across the cabin and resulting in severe injury to a pair of ...