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How Do I Find Great Deals? DealRay

When I return from a trip and begin flooding social media (follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) with photos from our trips, it never fails that someone asks me, “How do you find these amazing deals?”  

Like many of you, I love finding great deals, but ...

FOIA Request from U.S. DOT Arrives over United Danish Kroner Mistake Fare

After the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) sided with United Airlines, allowing the carrier to rescind super-cheap first class fares that exploited a pricing glitch on its Danish website, I was curious to see how cozy the relationship was between United and the DOT. How were ...

American Airlines $450 Business Class Fare to China Update

I intended on posting an update regarding the great deals that were available for business class flights from Washington DC airports to Beijing on American Airlines for select dates in April/May and September, however, by the time I completed my purchase the deal had all but closed up.
To ...
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Legal Analysis of DOT Decision to Back United on Cancelled Mistake Fares

The U.S. DOT has issued its verdict on United Airlines' unilateral decision to cancel thousands of cheap first class tickets, ruling that it will not take action against United for failing to honor the fare. Although this ruling comes as no surprise, the DOT's twisted legal analysis merits ...

Park Hyatt Milan - Above and Beyond

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There are good hotels experiences, there are great hotel experiences, then there is the Park Hyatt Milan. ...

Why United Airlines Must Honor Its Errors

Imagine you are looking for an award trip to Toronto with your spouse and infant child and are open to routing, travel dates, and enroute stops--you just want the best deal. You have United miles and use united.com to search for a fare, specifying two adults and one lap child.

Note the ...

United Will Honor $0 Mistake Fares

United Airlines announced on Twitter yesterday that it would honor the mistake fares that allowed many to book fares for as little as $5 round-trip.

The wording is important--while legacy United explicitly vowed to honor fare mistakes, United doing business as Continental went to great ...
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Massive Fare Mistake Leads to $0 Domestic Tickets on United Airlines

Someone must be sweating tonight, as United Airlines has confirmed (though it was quite obvious) that human error led to a widespread "fare sale" today in which domestic trips ranging from shorthaul flights from Minneapolis to Houston to longhauls between Honolulu and Washington were selling for ...

Just Happy to Be There - Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

Continuing with my UN-Trip report, and trip around the world, here is a quick review of Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in Kuala Lumpur. 
For those of you that may be unaware, Malaysia Airlines (MH) has just joined oneworld.  This means that you have many more options to ...

The Dramatic Conclusion to... Ticketless in Malaysia

Concluding my previous posts about being suddenly ticketless and stranded in Malaysia, here is the dramatic close.  If you want to catch up you can read the posts here part 1, part 2, part 3, or you can read the entire post in one sitting (aren't you brave) right... here.
For the quick ...

Ticketless in Malaysia Continued

Continuing on from my UN-trip Report started here, then here picks up below. For clarity, these were the choices once Air Asia denied our boarding for not having cleared tourist visas in advance of our trip to Myanmar, though according to the government we should have been allowed entry for transit ...

Ticketless in Malaysia

Picking up on my UN-Trip report from last week, here is some more of the story.
It is important to understand the layout here at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(s).  Elsewhere in the world it makes more sense to have separate discount (LCCT - Low Cost Carrier Terminal) and conventional ...

You Are Stuck in Malaysia

Me:  "So you are telling me we are stuck in Asia with no way home back to the US?"
Agent: "I'm sorry sir, there is nothing I can do."
... And it's not even 6AM, Sunday morning.
Welcome to the UN-Trip Report
The way this usually goes, I outline all of the reviews that ...

Kuala Lumpur Here We Come!

The Sherpa and Sherpstress are down to single digit days before we depart for New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, a week in Bali and a night in Kuala Lumpur before routing back around the world home. 
I found this video awhile ago, but thought it would be more appropriate to post it now, ...

When Spending $1200 Seems To Save You $700

Speaking to the Sherpstress, and justifying a future trip, I made a statement that only a travel nut could make with a straight face, but before I get to that statement, here is how the conversation came up.
Our next trip is to Bali, and coming back we are using some RGN one-ways that deposit ...