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Luggage Review: The Away Carry-on

People invest in things that generate happiness, make our lives easier and are of great importance.  Like many UPGRD readers, I fly hundreds of thousands of miles every year and making that process as customized as possible allows for stress-free travel that is understandably out of reach ...

Alaska Airlines Reduces Mileage Plan Earning Rates on American Airlines

Alaska Airlines is changing the miles earned per flight on partner American Airliness which are credited to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan starting August 1, 2016. Many economy fare classes will earn fewer miles whereas business and first class tickets on American Airlines will earn more.
The ...

The Great Wall: Turning a Mileage Run into a Family Holiday

On a recent mileage run (our first as a family) we took advantage of some $450 mistake fares in Business Class from Washington DC to Beijing, China. This mileage run was stretched out just slightly longer than a typical 1-2 day turn to a 3 night / 5 day run (Wed-Sun). With such little time on the ...

Reader Poll: Should I do a Delta Mileage Run??

So the guys over at the Flight Deal posted a great deal to Singapore yesterday. For $798, Delta was doing a sale to Singapore from LAX. Valid for travel between now and December 10, 2014, the trip would yield me 17,540 miles on a V class fare. 

Looking at the dates, I wasn't able to ...

Tales of Life on the Road: Flying Delta and Winter Snows

It's December in the upper midwest, and not surprisingly, we do actually get winter storms.  Not as often as some people think, but I tend to be flying on the days they hit.  Thus far in 2013 its been pretty mild, but the first storm of the season hit over the weekend.  Of course, ...

Tourist for a day, then a United 777 - Mileage Run to Hong Kong

After the long flights and my night at the W Hong Kong, I wanted to spend as much time as I could exploring Hong Kong.  It's one of my favorite cities, and although I had visited several times before, there is always more to see.  

Central Government Complex, Tamar
One ...

United 737 intra-Asia - Mileage Run to Hong Kong

It was a little disappointing to fly a narrowbody Continental Micronesia United 737 between major hubs in Asia, but the timing worked well for my mileage run to Hong Kong.  I flew to Narita on the United 787 from Denver, and had about 2 hours at Narita before continuing to Hong Kong.

United to Japan on the 787 - Mileage Run to Hong Kong

After finding a pretty good fare, I took what was basically a mileage run to Hong Kong.  I was excited to be able to route this via Denver, so I could get on the 787 Dreamliner to Tokyo Narita.  It wouldn't be my first 787 flight, but it would be my first time flying on United's version, ...

My next adventure - to Hong Kong in economy!

Most of my trip reports here are of my experiences in premium cabins.  I have a trip coming up that will likely consist of exclusively economy from North America to Hong Kong.  You may ask what I was thinking.  After this trip I may ask myself the same ...

Honolulu to New York Mileage Run

After arriving into Honolulu on my American Airlines mileage run, I wandered aimlessly through the open plan terminal looking for my next gate and club lounge. Along the way there is some great plane spotting as there are no windows clouding your view. I just wish I had brought my camera with me ...

Mileage Run from New York to Honolulu

I needed about 20,000 elite qualifying miles at the end of last year to re-qualify for Executive Platinum. Luckily the end of year double elite qualifying promotion along with $460 fares to Hawaii from New York made qualification much easier. I booked a flight departing Saturday morning and ...

ITA Matrix Airfare Search Advanced Routing Codes

Back in 2009 I wrote a quick post on using ITA to search for flights for an American Airlines Challenge by specifying some advanced options. ITA has a number of routing rules (or codes) that can be used to tailor your search requirement. Since I constantly have to remind myself of some of the codes ...

San Diego - Atlanta Mileage Run on United - 6798 miles for $180

For the seasoned mileage runner or leisure traveler, United has had some killer deals out of San Diego this year and today's Atlanta - San Diego r/t for $169+ takes the cake. Heck, even business travelers may wish to make speculative bookings based on this cheap price (noting that with United's ...

Philadelphia (ZFV) - SFO $224 a/i on United until EOS

I've given up on trying to understand airfare pricing and ticketing systems. It's like filing my tax return, the more I read, the more confusing it gets. Check out this MR I found today:

The fare is valid until EOS, with plenty of availability from ...

A Mileage Run to Hawaii - My Journey to AA Executive Platinum Begins

Some would say I’m crazy, others would say they would do the same, other’s just shake their head in disbelief. Nevertheless, as I write this I am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and by the time you read this post I’ll be in Hawaii. Nevertheless, over the next 3 days I will travel ...
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The Perfect End to a LAX Mileage Run

I mentioned last week that I had to take a last-minute year-end mileage run from LA to Boston on December 30th in order to secure the 5K miles necessary to push me over the 150K EQM mark.
The trip itself was fine—no sleep, but a productive redeye from Los Angeles to Houston. A quick stop ...

Great Fares to Istanbul on Turkish, Delta and United Airlines (under $400!)

Quite frankly, I have no idea how Turkish Airlines makes any money. The carrier constantly runs fares sales to destinations around the world, including to a number of U.S. cities, at price levels that bely rationality and prevailing market conditions. But you won't see me complaining.
Of ...

The Painful Yearend Mileage Run

I truly was looking forward to a week at home between the holidays. No travel, just catching up on a number of projects I have neglected, including Live and Let's Fly. Then I noticed I ended the year with 145K United Airlines Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs). Immediately, I shook my head for not ...

When Spending $1200 Seems To Save You $700

Speaking to the Sherpstress, and justifying a future trip, I made a statement that only a travel nut could make with a straight face, but before I get to that statement, here is how the conversation came up.
Our next trip is to Bali, and coming back we are using some RGN one-ways that deposit ...