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Mexicana to fly again!

After suspending all flights and operations in August of 2010 it looks like Mexicana is going to try to fly again in April! Mexicana was Mexico's largest airline when it came to international passengers traveling to and from Mexico, but hit a few bumps and declared bankruptcy in ...

Mexicana Plans an Ambitious Return to the Skies

I just finished reading an article entitled Mexicana demise is hardly missed and was preparing to blog about how other carriers have stepped in to fill the void left in the wake of Mexicana's sudden shutdown last August. But stop the presses! To my surprise, further ...

Will United Step in to Fill Void Left by Mexicana?

Mexicana ceased flying (again) on Saturday and it is increasingly likely that the historic Mexican carrier will be joining the likes of PanAm and TWA in that great boneyard in the sky.
That gives other air carriers a chance to grow in Mexico and the merged Continental/United (now ...

Upgrd 68: Air Rage

We recorded this frequent flyer podcast last week when Steven Slater was still in the news. In addition to this old topic we discuss:
Bankruptcy of Mexicana Freedoms of the air, including some current North American Fifth Freedom flights More info on the freedoms of can be ...

Mexicana Files for Bankruptcy

Mexicana has filed for bankruptcy in the United States and Mexico, suspending a number of flights and positioning the troubled airline to cut labor prices as they attempt to remain competitive.
Mexicana has put most of the blame for its financial crisis on pilot and flight attendant salaries, ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 3: Lounges at MEX

(This is Part 3 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.) 
We arrived at Mexico City at about 5am. Our outbound flight to Madrid wasn't until about noon. Though we flirted with the idea of heading into the city and coming back for our flight, we decided ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 2: Mexicana Redeye LAX-MEX

(This is Part 2 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.)
As we left the lounge and walked towards our gate, we heard an announcement that the flight was boarding and that passengers should make their way to the gate. So we kind of hustled. Of course when we got ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 1: Lounge Ridiculousness at LAX

(This is Part 1 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.)
We arrived at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, checked in at the Mexicana Elite desk, and headed quickly through security. (The first-class security line was poorly enforced, but that certainly ...

Day 6: Bogota + BOG-MEX-LAX on Mexicana in Elite Class

Day 0: Introduction: My quest for Machu Picchu and why I chose Mexicana + Avianca + LAN Peru
Day 1: Los Angeles to Bogota via Mexico City on Mexicana + Bogota to Lima on Avianca
Day 2: Lima to Cusco on LAN Peru + Cusco
Day 3: Cusco to Aguas Calientes on Peru Rail + Climbing Putucusi ...

Off to South America for the Week!

In a few hours, I will be returning to LAX for another long day of travel. Today I will be flying from LAX to Bogota, Colombia via Mexico City on Mexicana, than from BOG to Lima on Avianca. After a quick rest in Lima, I'll be on an early morning flight to Cusco on Lan Peru where I will spend a couple days exploring Machu Picchu.

I have had to cancel my last two trips to South America so I am very excited that I am actually going this time. I'll keep you updated on my progress throughout the week.

No Picture of the Week this week, but I hope to have some great pictures to share when I return next Saturday.

Superior Customer Service from Mexicana and Avianca

I'm finalizing the plans for a trip to South America next month and had to contact both Mexicana and Avianca today via telephone. I was very impressed with the high level of service for a "no status" flyer like me. Hold time was about two minutes for each airline and the agents were courteous, helpful, and profusely thanked me for my business.

Can't say the same for United. Thankfully, I am shielded from having to deal with the United International Call Center or surly U.S. agents, but I shudder to think (vividly recalling what it is like) what most travelers have to deal with--20 minute hold times and incompetent agents--when trying to reach United.

Am I exaggerating?