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Megabus, TSA, and the 57th U.S. Presidential Inauguration

Let me tell you about my day yesterday. It started when my alarm went off at 4:00a and I hit snooze every five minutes until 4:25a, rolling out of bed with a sigh and doubts over what I was about to do.
No time for breakfast—just enough time to wash my face and comb my hair. Then it ...

Megabus Wins Again

A quick update on my perpetual struggle of choosing between the value of Megabus or the comfort and convenience of Amtrak to get between Philadelphia and Washington.

Yesterday, I found I needed to get to Washington as soon as possible. I was hoping for a $51 Amtrak fare (thinking Megabus would be about $20).

Nope. Amtrak was $86 for Northeast Regional and Megabus was $5. Onboard Megabus, the internet didn't work, the bus left late and arrived even later, but what the heck—with my new iPhone tethered to my laptop I can stay quite productive.

So I'm going to keep score in 2013—Megabus jumps to an early 1-0 lead over Amtrak. May the best man win.


Free Megabus Tickets

Megabus is giving away 200,000 free tickets for travel between January 9th and February 28th (US and Canada only). Winter is a slow travel season so I find plenty of free seats available:

There is a 50¢ booking fee per transaction so it's better to book ...

The Megabus Saga Continues...

First off, sorry I've been blogging about Megabus and Amtrak lately--it just so happens that traveling between Washington and Philadelphia has become a regular ritual and I still cannot make up my mind about which is the better option (being that I am a tightwad who still likes luxury). After ...

Sorry Megabus, I've Switched to Amtrak

For months I have been threatening to switch from Megbus to Amtrak for my frequent trips from Philadelphia to Washington. In the end, I always ended up booking with Megabus because tickets were always significantly cheaper. But after my Greyhound experience last month, I booked Amtrak this time. And ...

Lost Baggage on MegaBus

You know that sinking feeling you get when you are waiting at the baggage carrousel for your bag, the same bags are going around over and over, and no new bags are coming off the belt? Been there. Last night, though, was even worse—as I stepped off my MegaBus bus in New York City, all the ...

The Faux Allure of a Cheap MegaBus Ticket

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 15 times, I must be an idiot.
I had to journey from Philadelphia to New York City tonight and had two options—Amtrak for $50 and MegaBus for $17. I had not been on MegaBus since May and because of the price differential and ...

Free Trips on Megabus

As I prepare to return to law school next month in Philadelphia, I am already formulating weekend travel for January and February. As a loyal patron of Megabus, I already planned to utilize them every few weeks to head down to Washington, but I never figured I would be doing it for free. But thanks ...
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Megabus is Following Me: New Routes Launching From ATL

This time last year, Megabus did a major expansion from Washington DC, and it included service to Durham, NC where I lived at the time.  This year Megabus is launching a brand new hub, Atlanta, GA.  After going through withdrawl for cheap trips, I can now take Megabus again for ...
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Megabus from Durham to DC and Back for the New Year

 When Megabus announced their southern expansion, it provided my roommate and I an excuse to visit one of our old college friends up in DC for an affordable price, and the ability to completely avoid driving.  Most cities, I avoid driving.  However, I drove into DC once a few years ...

Megabus Expands in Washington DC

 While this is technically old news, it was brought to my attention by coverage in the local paper, but Megabus is expanding their operations in Washington DC into a full hub.  With the expansion they are adding service to the following cities:
Buffalo, NY Charlotte, NC ...

Another Bittersweet Experience with Megabus

Megabus has saved me a lot of money this year. I went down to Washington, DC today for $1. The return ticket was only $3. I don’t know how Megabus makes any money at these cheap rates, but I certainly appreciate the low prices.

But what I don’t appreciate is the dearth of ...

Disappointing Encore Performance by Megabus

After a great trip last week on Megabus from Philadelphia to Washington, DC and back, I was looking forward to another productive three hours this morning when I arose at the crack of dawn to catch a 5:50a bus to Washington.
As Sean warned last week, though, Megabus might not be all it is ...
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Philadelphia to Washington, DC on Megabus

When I'm in Philadelphia, I often spend weekends with friends in Washington, DC. While I would prefer to fly or take Amtrak, bus travel is so inexpensive that I usually opt for that.
Up until a few months ago, my only bus option was New Century Travel, a Chinatown bus service that offered r/t ...

Amtrak is finally adding wifi

It's hard to believe that so many of us blog from 34,000 feet in the air, but have to rely on PDAs and cell phones for internet access at zero feet on Amtrak.  That looks to be changing as a recent Wired magazine article states that wifi will be starting soon.
During the recent Amtrak ...

Live Blogging from the New York City Megabus

After spending time in New York with clients my plans called for a quick trip to Syracuse to see family and clients in upstate New York. Normally I take Amtrak as business class upgrades are cheap, and the ability to walk around, buy food, and power at your seat makes the trip very productive. ...