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My First Bump on Lufthansa!

I do not always blog about my weekends, but if I am not traveling overseas I am usually traveling around Europe. Last weekend, I had a trip planned to London, departing Friday evening and returning early Monday morning to get me back to the office in time for work.
One of the benefits ...

Lufthansa - Wifi over the Atlantic (again)

Lufthansa is in the process of re-launching a wifi service for trans-atlantic flights!  This is both great and terrible news.  It is wonderful if you need to be in touch...but terrible if you want to have no choice but to be out of touch!

Pricing is not inexpensive at EUR19.95 for 24 hours of access...but perhaps not unreasonable when you consider where you are logging in from.

I guess you need to fly trans-pacific to be 'out of range!'

More details are on LH's website here:


Lufthansa Trans-Atlantic Wifi Service

The Best Pasta in Frankfurt, Courtesy of Lufthansa

I worked late Friday and had to hustle to catch my 2030 flight to Bucharest--not because I feared I would miss it, but because I wanted dinner in Lufthansa's Senator Lounge before the flight. Not a bad spread:

Without a doubt, the highlight of the meal was the freshly-prepared ...

Drunk Frenchmen and Frightened Romanian on Lufthansa

After a great weekend in Ruse, Bulgaria and Bucharest, Romania, I flew back to Frankfurt this evening on Lufthansa. The flight was only 2.5 hours, but there was a bit of excitement onboard.
What is it with French air travelers having too much drink? There were three French guys in ...
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Hamburg to Frankfurt on Lufthansa: It Felt Like I was in 1955

Last night I took an early evening Lufthansa flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt. I've got to say, it felt like I had stepped into a time machine.
In the United States it is rare to see people dress up when they fly. With few exceptions, perhaps the DCA-BOS/LGA shuttle flights on US Airways or ...

Lufthansa FAs Busted for Smuggling 63K Lbs of Euros into Germany

Sometimes, you just have to ask, "How?"

Six Lufthansa employees, including four flight attendants, have been arrested after sneaking in more than 63,000 pounds of out-of-circulation, €1 and €2 coins from China back to Germany over the last four years.
Euro coins ...

SCORE! First Class Reward on Lufthansa A380 - LOST! Thanks Mothernature!

About a year ago I was able to book two 1st class rewards on Lufthansa with my UNITED miles; shockingly on the A380. This was just days before LH zeroed out all the reward seats in First on the A380. I was shocked that I was able to score these seats. I went a long time before telling anyone, I had ...

L-Class Lufthansa Intra-Europe Fares Earn 100% RDMs/EQMs on United

I flew on Lufthansa from Milan to Frankfurt Staurday evening on a cheap fare that I thought would earn zero miles. For the heck of it, I added my Mileage Plus number when checking in and was shocked to find the following posted to my Mileage Plus account this morning:

That's an L-Class ...

Lufthansa Proves United isn't the only Website with Problems

For reasons which I will discuss later this week, I decided to skip my return flight to Frankfurt on Ryanair and book with Lufthansa instead.
The LH fare itself wasn't bad, but booking it turned out to be a huge pain. LH levies a €10-15 booking fee on most flights booked through its ...

€40 Off Your Next Lufthansa Flight

Save €40 off your next Lufthansa flight by requesting a free voucher through this link.
This deal has been around a couple weeks, but many countries, including Germany, returned error messages stating that the supply of vouchers had been exhausted. Lufthansa recently replenished the ... stops selling flights to NRT (Tokyo)

As I have been reporting Lufthansa has pulled its flights from Tokyo but they are saying that it is a temporary move but as of this blog post you can not book flights from Frankfurt or Munich to Tokyo. The only statement on is this, "Lufthansa is re-routing all its Tokyo/Narita flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Osaka and Nagoya via Seoul until further notice till Monday, 28.03.2011"

What is going to happen to the A380 that was on the FRA-NRT route, will LH put it on a different route, or just let it get some rest in FRA?!??!

Here is what I'm getting when trying to book a flight to NRT from FRA or MUC:

Airlines Dropping Tokyo: Radiation Risk

Alitalia joined Lufthansa in keeping flights away from Tokyo as nuclear workers in Japan flight a meltdown at reactors damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.
Alitalia will divert its 14 weekly Tokyo trips from Rome and Milan to Osaka. Alitalia’s switch to Osaka was “to guarantee ...

Lufthansa scans Japan flights for radioactivity - Pulls A380

"This is a precautionary measure for us," a Lufthansa spokesman told news agency AFP.
At the Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt and Munich all flights from Japan were checked by airport fire departments but no radioactivity has been detected so far.
A source at Frankfurt airport said ...

Lufthansa Awards Now Bookable Online from United

United's website is suddenly evolving at a rapid pace. Just a day after allowing the online redemption of electronic certificates for Continental flights, you can now book award tickets on Lufthansa flights online using your United miles.

As you can see above, you can even book mixed ...
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Lufthansa Hosts an “Amazing Race”. The Foodie Plays.

Who doesn't prefer the food in Business class?

This morning I participated in a contest offered by Lufthansa. In honor of today's inaugural A380 flight (FRA-JFK), the “Catch the Crew” contest was a mini-Amazing Race/scavenger hunt through the streets of SoHo in ...

Lufthansa dealing with IROPS

On Saturday, Lufthansa (LH) 104 from FRA to MUC had a mechanical, it was a problem with the breaking system. It was clear the flight would not be taking off on time as the tire was being removed at gate A1. It was a very cool view of the side of the A321, and I watched in amazement how Lufthansa ...

Upgrd 82: Airline Predictions 2011

Following on from our review of last year's predictions, we are back to discuss out frequent flyer predictions for 2011. Unfortunately due to some breaking news during recording, the episode is cut a bit short. <shakes fist towards LH> We try to discuss:

  • If the combined United and Continental will keep four tiers of elite status or three
  • What types of Double Elite Qualifying Promotions (if any) there will be this year
  • Next stops for Virgin America
  • and more...
  • We recorded this a few weeks ago, so some info may be out of date already!


Lufthansa Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt

Usually when I arrive in Frankfurt, I am just passing through. With my new home in Germany, however, when I arrived last month on my Lufthansa flight from Los Angeles, Frankfurt was the final destination. That gave me a chance to check out Lufthana's Welcome Lounge.
Opened in 2009, the ...