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Hyatt Place hotels coming to Europe

Hyatt and HILLGATE Properties, a Dutch real estate developer, announced Hyatt Place hotel in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. The hotel will open in Mid-2013 and will be the first Hyatt Place Hotel in Europe.

Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport, with have around 330 ...

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Grand Hyatt Cairo no longer a Hyatt effective immediately.

Just posted on, looks like the Grand Hyatt Cairo will be losing the Hyatt name effective immediately. It is not clear if the Hotel will be run as a new chain or as an independent hotel. But as of today, it is no longer a Hyatt.

Unresolved Contractual Disputes Force Hyatt Exit; ...

Upgrd 84: So Much News

In this week's frequent flyer travel podcast we catch up on the current mileage redemption, elite status, and airline industry news. We discuss:

Free Star Alliance Silver Status (offer now dead) - what did that get you? Matthew's newest mileage run Delta SkyClub video during ...

Hyatt Unveils Second Quarter Promotion - Up to 60K Gold Passport Points

Gold Passport Concierge, Hyatt's representative on Flyertalk, announced Hyatt's eagerly anticipated second quarter promotion today:

We’re excited to announce details of the Hyatt Gold Passport promotion! Starting 4/1, members who stay 5 eligible nights at any Hyatt worldwide ...


Hyatt Sale - 22 Central US hotels ends Feb 9

Hyatt Hotels has a 50% off sale at 22 hotels through Wednesday, Feb 9.

This is being promoted on individual hotel websites, Twitter and Facebook.

* 50% rate based on Hyatt Daily Rate
* Prepaid and nonrefundable. No changes allowed.
* Eligible for hotel stays from Feb ...


Would You Stay At A Hotel With No Human Interaction?

Airlines have already elevated avoiding a human being to an art form.  As elites, we know how to do just about anything with the airline without invoking a human being.  While we do use them to sometimes get around the system, our interactions are no longer necessary to get from point a ...


Snow Storm Alert: Hyatt Has You Covered!

Chicago is home to Hyatt's corporate headquarters. Chicago will be affected by a winter storm that has some forecasting up to two feet of snow. As we most know ORD is a major hub for UNITED and a hub for American Airlines. Hyatt wants people to know there are better places to sleep then on the ...


A Change in Venue Coming for Live and Let's Fly in 2011

Happy 2011! The New Year is upon us and another adventure is drawing near.

I recently accepted a job with Star Alliance and will be moving to Frankfurt, Germany later this month to work. 

The assignment is set to ...


Review: Park Hyatt Washington D.C.

Business brought me down to Washington, DC and rather than staying at the Willard InterContinental, my usual hotel of choice in the District, I opted to try out the Park Hyatt.

My first meeting was at noon so I arrived from Philadelphia at 9:45a and attempted ...


Reserving A Room When Your Hyatt Hotel Is Sold Out

While this may not come as a surprise to savvy hotel elites, I was pleased to see this message when trying to reserve a room at the sold out Park Hyatt Saigon earlier this week:

Notice that during periods of "extraordinary room ...

Upgrd 75: Our Recap of the Frequent Traveler Awards

Last week many of attended the frequent traveler awards in Houston. In this week's frequent flyer podcast our panelists discussed the event itself as well as the results. We also discussed:

Free Gogo Wifi Charging your phone and other gadgets on the road TSA Body ...
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Review: Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Have you ever stayed at a hotel where you know the moment you step foot in the door you are going to have a great stay? This was the case at the Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires, a luxury hotel that has perfected customer ...


The Solution to No Faster Free Nights: Hyatt Visa Credit Card from Chase

I've got so many Chase cards, I hate to sign up for another (it has been six months, though, so my credit score shouldn't be impacted), but I've finally figured out a way to compensate for the lack of Hyatt's Faster Free Nights promotion this quarter: sign up for their credit ...


Upgrd 70: Hotels In India

In this week's frequent flyer podcast we are again joined by David who last joined us to discuss El Al. We continue our discussion of Indian hotels with David's commentary on the hotels he visits when working there. We also discuss the current Hyatt "great" 10k promotion.

Do you have any tips or favorite hotels while traveling in India? Please leave a comment below or sent your tip to [email protected]




Hyatt's "Great 10K" Promotion — No Faster Free Nights!

Hyatt announced their fourth quarter promotion yesterday and it took many by surprise, myself included. For many years, Hyatt has offered "Faster Free Nights" during the Fourth Quarter, similar to their "Big Welcome Back" promotion they offered this spring, in which you could ...


Waited too long to burn my Hyatt "Big Welcome Back" nights...

Ugh. I knew I waited too long too call...

I've got a couple free nights left from Hyatt's spring "Big Welcome Back" promotion, where you could opt to receive one free night at any Hyatt hotel worldwide for every two nights you stayed, and was planning to redeem them at the Park ...


Review: Hyatt Regency Montreal

Below is a brief review of my recent stay at the Hyatt Regency in Montreal. Its brevity can be explained: about the only thing I did at the hotel was sleep.

I arrived in Montreal on an early morning United Airlines flight and after ...


Review: Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego

I have stayed at the Manchester over a dozen times the last decade (dating back to its single tower days) and have experienced a recurring pattern: I will love ceratin aspects of the stay while other aspects leave ...


Andaz This

I've never been a huge patron of the Hyatt brand - for no reason beyond their lack of hotels compared to Starwood, or anyone else for that matter.  My attention has been drawn, however, to the Andaz San Diego by way of Ben's current blog post (thanks to Mike for bringing this to my ...