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I Will Not Allow This Plane to Land!

It sure pays to have friends (or fathers) in high places...
A passenger plane flying from Lebanon to Iraq was forced to turn back after the Iraqi transport minister's son missed the flight and phoned Baghdad to stop the aircraft from landing, a spokesman for the airline ...

Video: Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule on United Airlines Flight

I don't own a TV and rarely watch television programming online. That saves me from a great deal of wasted time, though sometimes I wonder just what I am missing. Like this:

Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule is apparently a comedy program on Cartoon Network.
The program follows ...

Humor: American Airlines to Eliminate Complimentary Cabin Pressurization

Oh, how I love the Onion, America's finest news source!
FT. WORTH, TX—Explaining that the costs of the service have grown too high in recent years, American Airlines announced Tuesday that it will no longer offer free cabin pressurization to passengers starting March 15. ...

The TSA Presents: The 12 Banned Items of Christmas (Humor)

I love intelligent humor that not only draws a laugh, but makes a deeper point--perhaps a reflection on an pertinent political issue or on society at large that invites contemplation and discussion. A new video out poking fun at the TSA accomplishes exactly that purpose.
As the Christmas season ...

Feeling Coachy: Flying Humor on TV

You've probably seen all these clips before, but I thought I'd mention them for the few that have not. There are three TV clips that I often think of when boarding a plane. My favorite flying phrases, that get strange looks if you don't know them, come from these episodes: "I'm coachy!", "People up ...

Birds of a Feather Get Two Seats Together

My brother travels to the Bay Area regularly for business and buys same-day tickets which has led to frequent trips on Southwest Airlines. Burbank Airport is his preferred departure point in LA and he flies out of the "other terminal." (United operates out of Terminal B so I haven't seen Terminal A ...

Local News Station Reports Racist Joke as Names of Asiana Flight 214 Pilots

I have yet to offer my analysis on the recent Asiana crash, but it will be forthcoming and will focus not on the crash itself, but on the way the media reported on it: irresponsibly in many cases.
With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the race to get news out before anyone else, even at ...

Video: Drunk Passenger Attacks United Pilot at Washington Dulles

I'm not the type that hangs around bars, but in my travels around the world I've run into a lot of drunk people and must admit that there are a few things I enjoy more than observing disorderly conduct from people who have had a few too many. What that says about me, well, you can draw your own ...

More Hilarity from US Airways: "I love a man who knows what he wants"

Readers: if you are getting bored of posts like this, just leave a comment below, but I cannot get enough of the US Airways call center when it comes to booking a complex international award tickets. Here's how my last call went:
Sue: US Airways Preferred Desk, this is Sue.
Me: Hi, can you ...

Your Driver's License is not an ID Card!

ID Card (noun) - a card bearing identifying data (as age or organizational membership) about the individual whose name appears thereon.
Betcha thought this was going to be a post about the TSA. It's not. It's about Budget Rent-A-Car. And Germans. And their rules.
Last Sunday my friend ...

Travel Humor for the Holiday

Well, there is definitely some travel humor going around the internet before this holiday weekend in the US.  First up is this nice little review from the Mars rover:

Yes, this is not real, but we have all had this feeling.
The second piece is from everyone's favorite Delta ...
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Hey British Airways: It's Japan Airlines, not Japanese Airlines!

British Airways is tinkering with their online Executive Club award booking search engine and right now it is not possible to book online award flights with Japan Airlines (JAL), or as BA calls it: Japanese Airlines.

I have to say, that is pretty sloppy. As a longtime OneWord partner, BA should have caught this by now--this message has been displaying online for more than 24 hours now. What's next, no booking with America Airlines and Finnish Air?


Book Review: In A Sunburned Country

I travel a lot for both work and leisure, and its often only when on a long flight or relaxing on vacation that I am able to spend much time reading.  I read various things, but on occasion, I like books about travel.  I recently finished “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill ...

Breaking News from US Airways (Humor)

You'll never believe what I just heard from US Airways reservations! Let's join a conversation already in progress:
ME: That's right--South African Airways, SA. The airport code is Juliet, November, Bravo.
AGENT: Oh great, thanks--that's not one I know, since US Airways doesn't fly there. ...

Where are my pants?

Even the most experienced road warrior will find themselves in their hotel room realizing that they've forgotten to pack something.  Over the years I've forgotten a number of things ranging from my laptop's power supply to my toiletry case.  Some things are easier to replace while some are ...

Spirit Airlines' Secret Service Sale: "Upfront payment is required"

Leave it to Spirit Airlines to poke fun at the Secret Service scandal with a "more bang for your buck" sale. 
Spirit is concurrently running a "More Bang for Your Buck!" sale on $19.80 flights to Cartagena, Colombia, where several Secret Service agents allegedly spent a night ...

Rage Comic on United-Continental Integration

To be honest, I did not even know what a rage comic was until I looked it up this evening, but I sure got a kick out of this (click on it):

The funny thing is, the comic is astoundingly accurate. Here's what I don't understand--United has done a great job on MilePoint and Flyertalk of ...
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Humor: Leaked US Airways Memo on Philadelphia Expansion

A great brouhaha is going on right now in the City of Brotherly Love over the proposed expansion of Philadelphia International Airport. Not surprisingly, US Airways (which currently holds a dominant position in Philadelphia) wants to keep it that way and opposes expansion.
Click here to ...