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Hawaiian Flying on United Airlines

I enjoyed four Hawiian flights on United Airlines last month and provide this brief review of each flight to demonstrate that onboard amenities have improved since I compared United and Continental between Los Angeles and Honolulu last year.
Flight 1 - Los Angeles to Honolulu, ...

The Month Ahead

As I mentioned in my last posting, Mileage Running for United 1K Status, the end of May and the beginning of June will see me on a plane at least four times per week. About two weeks ago, I got my passport back from the Brazilian government, and now have a visa that is valid for the next ten years! ...
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Mileage Running for United 1K Status

Once the semester is over, I will be going on a number of exciting trips. While most of them are for quick-turns (twelve hours or less at the destination), I did I manage to find a decent fare to Hawaii, the weekend after school lets out for the summer. Below is a map of where I will be flying in ...
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