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Alaska Beyond - A Marketing Campaign and More

Early this week Alaska Airlines launched a new marketing campaign, Alaska Beyond. The idea behind this campaign is to let you know that Alaska is revitalizing its image and is continuing to stay at the forefront of technology, comfort, and passenger experience all well providing world class customer ...

Delta GoGo Streaming Entertainment Is Extremely Limited

I do not fly Delta very often these days, but recently I cashed in 22,000 FlyingBlue miles for an award redemption on Delta to fly from Sacramento to Los Angeles to meet my partner and then fly with him to Seattle, where we overnighted for 20 hours before continuing in Business to Hawaii on AF ...

Guide to Text & Fly - I LOVE T-Mobile

I just finished my first flight since T-mobile and GOGO launched inflight texting on 9/17/14 and I must say it was freaking awesome! I hope T-mobile launches this on other inflight networks, like their international network that American Air currently use on their international flights operated by ...

GOGO Inflight WiFi increases Prices March 1, 2014

Inflight WiFi – The unbundled option most airlines now offer is an amenity I love to hate. I love it because it allows me to stay connected while at 30,000 feet, but hate it as I now no longer have an excuse of not getting work done while flying. Despite this slight conundrum, I find inflight ...

Free Gogo Inflight Internet for the holidays, but just for Facebook

Once again, our friends at Gogo Inflight Internet are offering an in-the-sky freebie with a twist. In the past, we've seen free Wi-Fi on Delta, free Wi-Fi just to access Twitter, or even free Wi-Fi for everyone for the holidays, sponsored by Google.
This year, the on-board Wi-Fi provider is ...

GOGO Inflight Internet Deal: 55% off!

Since my traveling this year has not been as frequent as years pass I have not yet signed up for a monthly unlimited GoGo inflight wireless subscription. Because of this, when I do have work to do on a plane or know that I will be traveling a lot, I try to snag the best deals possible on gogo ...

Save on GoGo Inflight Internet

As much as I LOVE having internet on planes, I also hate it. Wifi on planes means, as a business traveler, I can no longer disconnect from the world and play catch up on old emails, read a book, etc. Instead, plane rides are spent responding to active email conversations, going through reports, and ...

Winners of the Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi Passes

Congratulations to the following readers who were chosen at random to recieve a complimentary Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi pass, good thru 12/31/2012! If you are the one of the winners, look for an e-mail from me with your code--

  • Jim (post 10)
  • Matt (post 18) <--- that's not me! :)
  • Phil M (post 19)
  • Shampz (post 39)
  • SAN Greg (post 69)

Thanks for playing! There will be more contests in the future.

Should airline pilots have Wi-Fi access? Southwest and other airlines say yes

More and more pilots are being given access to iPads, Android-based Galaxy tablets, and other electronic devices for use in the cockpit. Replacing fifty pounds of manuals and charts with a three-pound tablet sounds like an easy call. But should pilots have access to Wi-Fi during flight?
An Apex ...

Speaking of Gogo, a killer holiday travel giveaway

The folks at Gogo, whose inflight Wi-Fi gear we just showed off last week, are doing a giveaway for the next several days that really warms the heart of this techie traveler. Their "Ultimate Travel Fashion Kit" includes a rolling carry-on and a tote from Tumi, a MacBook Air, unlocked iPhone 5, Canon ...

Free Gogo Inflight Internet Giveaway

Tech Trebuchet points out Gogo is upgrading its inflight internet capacity with plans to triple its maximum speed. That's good news for the traveler and here's better news--I am giving away a handful of free Gogo inflight wifi passes for use on your next flight.
Simply leave a comment ...

Ever wonder what Gogo Inflight Internet gear looks like?

Thanks to Gogo for sharing this picture of its satellite- and ground-based Internet equipment on its Facebook page, we get a peek of the gear that provides Wi-Fi service in mid-air.
I've written a lot about Gogo, including the free 15 minutes they offered on Delta, their discounted rates on ...

Delta 24-hour Gogo Pass for $12

Receive a Delta 24-hour Gogo Wi-Fi pass for only $12 when you purchase before you fly at delta.com/wifi.  The 24-hour pass is usually $14.95, so it is only a small saving but better than nothing!  The pass is valid on our more than 3,000 daily flights with Wi-Fi and can be used on multiple flights within a 24-hour period.

25,600 FREE Gogo In Flight Passes and More

The Lucky Seat in-Air Instant win Game from GoGO and Delta has be extended through August 21, 2012 with NEW prizes to be given away. Prices include Inflight passes, $5 and $10 amazing gift cards, 1 Samsung chrome book, and 50 Delta SkyClub passes. There will also be a Grand Prize winner selected on ...

Free Gogo Inflight Internet on Delta Air Lines? Yes please!

I've thought all along that giving people a taste of in-flight Internet service is the best way to sell it to them. The industry king, Gogo Inflight Internet, has had occasional freebie promotions, including free Wi-Fi sponsored by Google for the 2010 holiday season, but the service was just plain ...

Free WiFi on Delta

From June 15- June 30, all Delta gogo equiped flights will be offering 15 minutes of FREE wifi thanks to Vente-Privee (and American Express). To take advatnage of this offer no promotional code is needed! All you have to do is log in, connect, and start surfing!

A little trick for those of you who are flying. After you've used your 15 minutes of free internet. Just clear you web browsers cache and reconnect! This simple 10 second step will allow you to reconnect to the WiFi again free of charge and will allow you to continue Surfing for free! Enoy!


Free Gogo wifi on Delta in August

It appears there are a few options for free onboard wifi this month.  Matthew previously reported about free wifi on Alaska.  According to a thread on Milepoint and a post by TPG, Diet Coke is sponsoring free Gogo for the month of August. 
Simply enter the code ...

Gogo "on any device" for $9.99 instead of $12.95

Thanks to flight attendant blogger and frequent traveler Bobby Laurie for the tip that a Gogo Inflight Internet flight pass is $2 cheaper if you buy it on your mobile device first. The company's flight pass, good on any WiFi enabled device," lets you sign on and purchase on any device and then use ...
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Making do without free GoGo holiday Wi-Fi

The free GoGo Inflight Internet for the holidays we talked about last month ends in just a few more days; Google's generosity expires on January 2nd. After you've had a taste of free Wi-Fi in the sky, will you continue to fly offline to save money, or will you spring for the full-price service so ...