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How often do you look out the window when flying?


Flying coast to coast, I find that 95% of the time my window shade is down. I rarely look outside because after all, in my mind, 85% of this country equals a fly over state, meaning everything from East of the Rockies to the Appalachians (minus Chicago) really isn’t worth stopping at or ...


To Fly Or Drive?


Being based in San Diego, choosing what airport to fly from can sometime be EXTREMELY difficult. Of course, some airports are MUCH closer to home and are more convenient, but sometimes the price difference is SO large that I cannot justify flying from my local airport instead of one of the many ...


Crazy Things Passengers Say to Flight Attendants


The idea for The Crew Lounge was to give everyone a peek inside the life of a flight attendant. Social media has become a great resource for me to not only give you my insights but, that of my fellow co-workers. I belong to a private flight attendant chat ...

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How safe is my flight



The simple answer is very safe, but I thought I’d give a behind the scenes view on how safe the aircraft is, and, in the current climate, how safe from external forces such as terrorism.

The problem with ice


It was February over the Alps in central Europe and my colleague and I had stopped off in Strasbourg to re-fuel our single engine piston aircraft before continuing on to Ljubljana in Slovenia. We had stayed above the clouds on the way down but my stomach was tight knowing we had to ...

Movie moments that exasperate flight crew

OK, I know it’s sad to get upset when Hollywood yet again refuses to do any kind of research and just ploughs ahead with its own take on how the world operates, but I’m pretty sure any professional, be you pilot, doctor, soldier or engineer, has at least once in ...

Why I love my job!


  A few friends of mine have commented on recent posts, that although they enjoy them, they sometimes wonder why I became a pilot! To make up for this I decided that in this post I would give a brief insight into why I love flying, and why I am so lucky to have my ...

Flight Lessons, Friendships & My Future

ATP 005

So we're just passed the halfway point of 2011, which gives me the incentive to write about how I got here. If I had my way, general aviation would be in my life on an hourly basis! But, alas, my day-to-day job in the back of the cabin calls for me, until I have enough hours to be behind the ...

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HF 7: Emergency Engine Out

In this week piloting podcast we discuss a youtube video of a strange single engine plane landing and:

New Bush Pilot series Enhanced landing system And we talk about emergency procedures and engine out conditions based on watching this video

Making do without free GoGo holiday Wi-Fi

The free GoGo Inflight Internet for the holidays we talked about last month ends in just a few more days; Google's generosity expires on January 2nd. After you've had a taste of free Wi-Fi in the sky, will you continue to fly offline to save money, or will you spring for the full-price service so ...

HF 6: Mountain Flying

In this week's commercial pilot podcast we are again joined by Keith and discuss the challenges of mountain flying. In addition we discuss:

Tail wheel flying Favorite flights and airports How much flying is done by computer vs by the pilots Weather and conditions when ...

Fly online for the holidays with free Gogo Inflight

Google has subsidized the cost of Wi-Fi Internet access in airport terminals in the past, and we're pleased to see this year they're sponsoring free inflight Wi-Fi for the holiday season. As Matthew also reported, the company has announced that the Google Chrome web browser will offer free Gogo ...

Getting your (smaller) gadgets like iPad and Kindle aboard the plane

Remember those carefree days when the only thing you had to worry about boarding the plane with was a small laptop bag, a magazine, and your cell phone? No problem getting all that through security. But as more and more people slow things down by bringing all their luggage through security ...

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How to guarantee no sleep on your next red-eye with GoGo

Dedicated road warrior can\'t even close the laptop while boarding!

So far, I haven't been very lucky in finding myself on aircraft with in-flight Internet access. Even if I were, I admit I'm a little put off by the price of entry, almost always north of $10 for a flight, unless you're willing to commit to buying several flights' worth of Internet access up ...