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Delta's SkyClub New Breakfast Items - I Witnessed Them, Hardly an Upgrade


Last week Delta Skyclubs rolled out their first round of enhancements after increasing Skyclub prices and previewing enhancements earlier this year which included new food items, spa services, and amenities such as shoe shines.  The first enhancement included a new menu which appeared to ...

Delta Tests New SkyClub Amenities & Food

It appears as though Delta Airlines is finally listening to frequent flyers and Delta Skyclub members. Delta is finally making some much needed enhancements to the Delta SkyClub food and beverage offering. Over the last few years we’ve seen the introduction of the premium Delta Skybar and ...

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Delta Restricts Lounge Access, Will United and AA Follow?

Because gutting the Skymiles program twice without notice just was not enough, Delta Air Lines used this fine Friday to announce a major devaluation of its Sky Club lounge access policy. Oh, you have a guest? That will be $29. Will United Airlines and others follow the trendsetting ...


Delta SkyClub Policies: Good For Employees, Bad For Customers

Being a long time NWA flyer, I am still accustomed to the old NWA culture and customs. Each time I come across a nuance, I’m thrown through a loop, especially when I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. This week when flying to Maine, I encountered another round of irregular ...


Get a 13 Month Delta SkyClub Membership for the Price of 12 Months


Update: Offer Expired

One of my favorite parts of flying is lounge access. It doesn’t matter how far I’m flying, spending a few minutes in the airline lounge is a nice way to begin or end a journey which always provides a comfortable place to relax between flights. Not to ...

Getting Away On Miles: Delta SkyClub Manila


The Skyclub Manila is probably the most dated and one of the worst International Delta Skyclubs in the system. Although international airline clubs tend to be of higher rankings and have better amenities than domestic clubs, this is only because they have to compete with 4 and 5 star ...

LAX SkyClub Is Currently A Mess, But is Receiving A Rhytidectomy (Facelift)


The LAX Delta Skyclub is probably one of my least favorite clubs that I use to be a regular to. Thankfully, I’ve moved away from LA to San Diego, so I rarely find myself at the LAX airport, but from time to time I do pass through and stop by the club. Normally if the Alaska Boardroom is ...


Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Opens New Terminal and Delta Sky Club


Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Opens New Terminal and Delta SkyClub

Today marks the official opening of the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal at Atlanta’a Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  Concourse F spans 1.2 million-square-feet and includes 12-gates capable of ...

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Preview of the New Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal in Atlanta


So yesterday I got to participate in the terminal simulation for the new international terminal in Atlanta.  One of the benefits was that it was the full experience, as both a departing and arriving passenger.  While I only have departing pictures (full simulation, people were even put ...


Delta Middle Seat Love


I had a flight on Monday using same-day confirmed (awesome Diamond perk), but flying standby because the flight I wanted was oversold.  As soon as I arrived at the SkyClub they confirmed my seat, which was ironic because five minutes earlier the gate agent said it was impossible.  ...


Delta Sky Club LAX


As I mentioned previously, I ended up getting stranded at LAX for 7 hours last weekend on my way home from the oneworld MegaDO launch party.  So I decided to purchase a discounted pass to the Delta Sky Club at LAX.

The Facilities

The LAX Sky Club is a fairly nice ...

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Musings From A Crazy Travel Weekend


Let me just start out by saying that I had a complete ball this weekend in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  But the fun did not end there, picked up even more posts than I planned.  This is going to be more of a quick hit thoughts from various things I encountered, with some teasers of ...


Delta adds a cash bar for premium drinks


Delta is now joining United, American, US Airways and Alaska in charging for some alcoholic drinks in their club lounges. (Are there any other domestic US lounges I'm missing?)

I received the below in an email from Delta:


This seems similar to ...

New Delta SkyClub at Seattle Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport

Earlier this week, I paid a quick visit to the new Delta SkyClub at SeaTac Airport in Seattle.  The lounge was a big improvement from the legacy Northwest Club at SeaTac, though this new location is nothing over the top.

The lounge is located in the South Satellite, upstairs from where ...

Tequila Thursday's at Delta Sky Club

Airport + tequila cocktails = happy travelers!  Delta Sky Club members can enjoy Tequila Thursday’s throughout the summer hosted by Tequila Avión.  Tequila Avión is award-winning premium tequila that uses only the finest Blue ...


Delta Sky Zone: A Lounge for the Kids!


Yesterday, Delta unveiled a new lounge for kids, the Delta Sky Zone. It's basically a kids-only lounge with XBOX 360s, televisions, educational materials, and more. I'm a bit jealous of those kids! I wish our big-boy and big-girl lounges had XBOX 360s in ...

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