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Update on recent travels flying American


After a pretty miserable experience with United this year, after over 150,000 premier qualifying miles, I really didn't see the need to continue getting frustrated with their operational and many other issues.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have decided to explore my options for domestic ...


Evaluating Delta's Economy Class Offerings - DFW to Ft. Myers Flight Review


Last month, I needed to book a one-way flight from Dallas to Ft. Myers to pick up my mom and drive her back home.  Yes, this is the return portion of my 1,200 mile road trip with my mom's cat, which I reported on back in early September.  I would have greatly preferred a nonstop flight ...

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Is the Sky Blue-er on the other side: Testing US and DeltAA


I'd love to say "its not me, its you" and fully break up with United, but I don't feel like any US domestic airline is that much better than any other.  Although clearly United is at or very near the bottom.  With that in mind, I used a recent business trip to Los Angeles as a trial run ...


Stopovers Still Permitted on Delta Skymiles Awards...For Now

When Delta's latest IT update eliminated the ability to include stopovers on award trips, most assumed the worst...Delta had stealthy devalued its program again with no notice. Turns out the news is not quite as bad after Delta clarified today that stopovers will still be be bookable over ...

Delta Retiring Their Boeing 747s by 2017


Delta has been planning the retirement of their 747 fleet for sometime. But today's announcement on their earnings call indicates an acceleration of the time line to 2017. If you're a fan of this aircraft type, and a Delta flyer, you should consider the retirement schedule for your upcoming ...


Delta GoGo Streaming Entertainment Is Extremely Limited


I do not fly Delta very often these days, but recently I cashed in 22,000 FlyingBlue miles for an award redemption on Delta to fly from Sacramento to Los Angeles to meet my partner and then fly with him to Seattle, where we overnighted for 20 hours before continuing in Business to Hawaii on AF ...


Reader Poll: Should I do a Delta Mileage Run??


So the guys over at the Flight Deal posted a great deal to Singapore yesterday. For $798, Delta was doing a sale to Singapore from LAX. Valid for travel between now and December 10, 2014, the trip would yield me 17,540 miles on a V class fare. 


How safe is flying?

Last week I was on a Delta flight from Ft Lauderdale to JFK.  It was an early morning flight, so I was ready to nap.   After a few issues at the gate, we were buttoned up and on our way to the runway, so far, mostly uneventful.

Just as we approach the runway, the passenger ...

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Additions and Subtractions to Virgin Atlantic Route Network


Virgin Atlantic, strengthening its joint venture partnership with Delta Air Lines, has announced new routes that will bring the two carriers closer than ever before. With the lastest shuffle, the USA wins while Canada, India, Japan, and South Africa loses.

The new Virgin Atlantic routes ...


Delta's SkyClub New Breakfast Items - I Witnessed Them, Hardly an Upgrade


Last week Delta Skyclubs rolled out their first round of enhancements after increasing Skyclub prices and previewing enhancements earlier this year which included new food items, spa services, and amenities such as shoe shines.  The first enhancement included a new menu which appeared to ...

GOODBYE Southwest, I'm coming "home" Delta


Over the last year, it’s been more than obvious that I have not been Delta’s biggest fan. After flying them back and forth a dozen times or so from the West coast to Maine, and securing just enough miles for only Silver status in 2014, I left Delta after 7+ years of being a long time ...


Delta Slowly Backpedals On Transcon Upgrade Policy

Early last December, Delta revamped their unlimited complimentary domestic upgrade elite policy and transition to a program similar to United which still offered unlimited complimentary upgrades on most routes but required Global Upgrade Certificates to be used on premium transcontinental ...

RDMs Will Be Revenue-Based Starting March 01, 2015 on United Airlines


When Delta Air Lines announced a revenue-based earnings chart for 2015, I predicted that it would only be a matter of time before United Airlines would match, though I did not expect it to happen so soon. Copying Delta almost exactly, United has announced revenue-based earnings will replace ...


Delta Upgrades Transcontinental Premium Economy Product

Delta is once again upping its game on their transcontinental route by further enhancing their premium economy product offering. In the last year we’ve already seen Delta offer free spirits and free upgraded snack wraps to economy comfort customers between New York’s JFK and Seattle, ...

Delta Consolidated Operations at SAN

As of June 5, 2014 Delta is moving out of the smaller commuter terminal at San Diego International and moving their LAX bound flights to Terminal 2 in an effort to reduce operating costs and move all flights into a single terminal, reducing the number of staff needed as the two terminals are ...

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