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Korean Air Awards Suddenly Become Much More Attainable

Korean Air offers a treasure trove of first class award availability to Seoul and beyond and is not too stingy in releasing business and economy class award space either. Up until now, booking has required Chase Ultimate Rewards points or navigating the minefield known as Delta SkyMiles but two ...

Sorry, This is the Truth About Delta

Frequent Miler sets forward a reasoned defense of Delta, arguing that "the complicated" and even while loyalty on the redemption side has taken a hit, Delta is great to fly and rewarding to high-value elite fliers. I will not dispute that characterization, but I think that misses ...

Humorous New Delta Air Lines Safety Video

Delta is out with a new safety video giving Air New Zealand a run for the money in the humor department. 

Well actually, the previous one did -- I personally like it much better:

My favorite part -- the star of the Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme makes an ...

Reader Question: Airline Loyalty - Which to Choose

Here at we get emails from readers and from time to time we publish them (edited by blogger for brevity and privacy).  This one is from reader VC:
I am a graduate student who has been doing some frequent budget travel to maintain a long distance relationship and have some ...

Goodbye to Sun Trust, Goodbye to Delta

For those of you who have been following my previous posts regarding debit cards, this is the most up-to-date post regarding the Sun Trust Delta Debit card.  If you are just researching this for the first time please check out previous articles (first post, second post, third post, fourth ...

How Bad is Delta's Latest SkyMiles Devaluation? Time to Buy Delta Stock!

Delta announced an immediate devaluation of its Skymiles program on the redemption side this week effective for flights on or after 01 June 2016. We are now seeing just how draconian these changes are. Folks, this is a devaluation unlike any we have ever seen. But Delta just reported ...

Delta Goes All-In on Dynamic Award Pricing in 2016

Just in from Delta Air Lines, a number of upcoming changes to the SkyMiles program, including a confirmed move to more aggressive dynamic award pricing. Let's start with the bad news--
Dynamic Award Pricing Accelerates for Travel in June 2016
We know ...
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Special Report: Delta's Secret Skymiles Devaluation

When Delta Air Lines depublished its Skymiles award charts in February, we were told that we no longer needed charts because the online pricing system would tell us how many miles were required for any given trip. The problem was the system did not seem to be working correctly: trips were pricing ...

The Significance of American Airlines' Starwood Transfer Bonus

As the mantra goes, miles and points are a depreciating asset and are better burned than stored for future use. American Airlines is offering a generous 20% transfer bonus on points from Starwood Preferred Guest. Essentially, that means instead of 25,000 AA miles for 20,000 Starpoints, through ...

Every Major Airline is Adding NYC - LAX/SFO Frequencies This Fall

The Transcontinental battle for premium passengers is heating up as United leaves JFK for Newark and Delta, Jetblue, and American all beef up their schedules to offer more premium lay flat seats coast to coast than ever before!
With today’s announcement from Delta, business travelers and ...

American, United, and Delta Applaud SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

American, United, and Delta Airlines have all been big supporters of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) community and have supported their GLBT employees and customers and have even received perfect 100s on the Human Right Campaign Corporate Equality Index. The airlines have ran ...

Lawsuits for Everyone! Dallas Asks Courts to Settle Love Field Quagmire

When we left off in the last episode of the Dallas/Delta/Southwest/Virgin America soap opera down at the end of Cedar Springs Road, Southwest had announced plans to ramp up Love Field flying to 180 departures per day by August.  Virgin America, meanwhile, decided that burning piles of ...
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Delta and Tokyo Haneda: sit, or get off the slot

American will assume Delta's route authority to fly seven weekly roundtrips to Haneda airport in Tokyo
Delta Air Lines will discontinue its Seattle to Tokyo Haneda route this fall following a narrow victory over American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines from the US DOT to retain ...

Delta Responds: Mixed Cabin Rewards Remain...Sort Of

Lucky noted (from a post by René) a disturbing change to the wording of yesterday -- it appeared that without notice Delta eliminated mixed-cabin awards, which would have signalled another elephantine Skymiles devaluation. I reached out to Delta and was assured that ...

Fighting Cancer with Delta Jet Drag

At FTU Dallas last month, Ed Pizzarello from Pizza in Motion casually asked if I would like to pull a jet in Atlanta to raise money for the American Cancer Society. With plans to be in Atlanta already for the Freddie Awards, the answer was naturally yes.

The goal was to ...
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An Evening With the Most Powerful Woman in the Airline Loyalty Business

Delta Air Lines hosted the Freddie Awards at its Flight Museum in Atlanta last week and extended an invitation to a handful of aviation bloggers for a reception the night before (also hosted by Gogo) at Volare Bistro in Haperville, just down the road from ATL.
Sandeep Dube, Vice President ...

Free Delta Silver Status + 5000 Bonus Miles (Targeted)

Delta Airlines is giving away free Silver Medallion elite status to targeted customers for two months to allow customers to sample the wonderful horrible world of Skymiles. The promotional offers customers two months of Silver Elite status for free. During the two months of promotional ...

Delta uses India withdrawal to underscore "unfair" practices of Gulf carriers

Editor's note: this is the second installment two-part series assessing the U.S. - India passenger market and aviation strategy, and the impact of Middle East airlines carring 6th freedom traffic between the two countries. Part I, which can be found here, assessed the restoration of Indian ...

Five Ways to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles Without Flying

This is part of my introduction series for new readers that may not know of these ways to use miles and points.  
Here are five easy ways to earn frequent flyer miles without actually flying.  Before you know it, you will be looking back through the curtain at coach as the flight ...